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Static and Temporal Approaches in Detection, Tracking and Recognition
Dr. Ragini Choudhury,
Date & Time: March 20, 2003 17:00
Venue: Seminar Hall
The talk identifies the importance of detection, tracking and recognition in real life applications. Also it brings to fore the need to explore and exploit the temporal information in video sequences. The talk begins by discussing an invariant-based recognition scheme applied to single images. Projective invariants are computed using reconstructed sub-parts identified in the images. When multiple views of an object are available, with no camera information, an appearance based representation of these objects are constructed. An appearance based generic object classification scheme is explored, which is applied to single images. Temporal integration and its extension to videos is discussed. In the case when appearance information does not suffice to generate an appropriate representation, a probabilistic approach is required. As a final phase, the talk presents an approach to face detection and tracking in videos, by propagating detection probabilities. The approach completely integrates the detection information from single frames with the temporal information provided by the videos, thus paving the way for future temporal approaches.
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Dr. Ragini Choudhury
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