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Title: TVWS Implementation in Europe: Review of Research Projects, Trials and Standardization Work
Prof. Paulo MARQUES, Polytechnic Institute of CasteloBranco,
Date & Time: May 25, 2015 11:31
Venue: F. C. Kohli Auditorium, ‘B’ Block, 01st Floor, Dept. of CSE, Kanwal Rekhi (KReSIT) Bldg
This presentation will provide an overview of the research work done in TV White Spaces in the European context. The talk will present the conclusions of the EU projects COGEU, CREW and CRS-i. Special attention will be given to TVWS trials and ongoing standardization activities in ETSI RRS (Reconfigurable Radio Systems).
Speaker Profile:
Paulo MARQUES received his Ph.D from the University of Aveiro (Portugal) – 2007 in Mobile Communications. He is Senior Researcher at the Instituto de Telecomunicações (4TELL group) and Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of CasteloBranco. He was the scientific coordinator of the FP7 COGEU project (Cognitive radio systems for an efficient use of TV white spaces in the European context, www.ict-cogeu.eu) from Jan. 2010 to Dec. 2012, a project with 3.5m€ EU funding. In Oct. 2012 Paulo Marques has taken up Chairmanship of the European Commission’s “Radio Access and Spectrum” cluster projects under Objective 1.1 - Future Networks of the ICT Work Programme ([http://]www.ict-ras.eu). Since Nov. 2012 he is the project manager of the coordination action FP7 CRS-i (Cognitive Radio Standardization initiative). In the FP7 CREW projects he has demonstrated the combination of geolocation database access with local spectrum sensing (www.cmsf.eu/projects/crew-tv/). The 4TELL team has computed spectrum opportunities maps for Portugal, Germany (Munich area), Slovakia (Bratislava area) Slovenia and Italy (Ispra area) and has implemented the IETF PAWS (Protocol to Access White Spaces Database). He has participated in the TV White Spaces trials organized by Ofcom UK in London – August 2014. He is a co-author of the IEEE P1900.6 spectrum sensing standard published in April 2011 and member of ETSI RRS. He has published extensively in the research areas related with cognitive radio, spectrum sharing and dynamic spectrum access. He is in the steering committee of IEEE DySPAN 2015
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