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Internet Routing Vulnerabilities and Security Extensions to the Border Gateway Protocol (BGPsec)
Dr. Kotikalapudi Sriram, Advanced Networking Technologies Division (ANTD) at NIST
Date & Time: May 27, 2015 15:00
Venue: Conference Room, 01st Floor, C Block, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kanwal Rekhi (KReSIT) Building
There have been numerous incidents in the recent years involving hijacking or misrouting of Internet traffic, often resulting in significant service disruptions. These attacks (intentional or due to accidental misconfigurations) have demonstrated that the Internet routing infrastructure which is based on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is highly vulnerable. There are efforts underway in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to secure the BGP protocol using cryptographic methods. NIST-ITL has played a major role in the protocol design, architecture, and performance evaluation of this new protocol called BGPsec (BGP with SECurity). BGPsec uses a Resource PKI for providing an authenticated repository of addressing and routing resources. Further, it adds cryptographic signatures to BGP routing announcements to prevent false announcements or modifications of the announcements by potential adversaries. While there is great promise in using the BGPsec protocol for securing the global Internet routing system, there are also challenges that range from accurately modeling and sizing additional resource requirements in BGPsec-enabled routers to making sure that the deployment provides benefits to early adopters. In this presentation, we describe the salient features of BGPsec protocol design and operation. We also summarize the key results on performance modeling of BGPsec routers. (Joint work with D. Montgomery, O. Borchert, O. Kim, K. Lee)
Speaker Profile:
Dr. Kotikalapudi Sriram holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, India, and a Ph.D. degree from Syracuse University, all in electrical engineering. He is currently a senior researcher in the Advanced Networking Technologies Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Previously he held various positions at Bell Laboratories – the Innovations arm of Alcatel-Lucent and formerly that of AT&T. Since 2002, he is at NIST, where he has done research and standards work in Internet routing security and scalability, seamless mobility in wireless networks, and agile optical switching. He is a Fellow of the IEEE. http://www.nist.gov/itl/antd/ksriram.cfm
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