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Virtual Audio via Scientific Computing and Computer Vision
Ramani Duraiswami, University of Maryland, College Park
Date & Time: April 11, 2003 03:00
Venue: CSE Seminar Hall
Our recent research has focused on the creation of virtual audio scenes that are perceptually convincing. Humans are remarkably adept at processing the sound they receive at their two ears to perceive the spatial location (and\Nother attributes) of sources in an acoustic scene. While binaural cues (that arise from the differences in the sound received at the two ears) are important, they are incomplete. Additional cues that arise from the scattering of sound off a persons body (external ears, head, and torso), and off the environment are also essential in explaining the ability to localize sound. To recreate an audio scene virtually these cues must be reintroduced into the rendered stream. The cues that arise due to scattering off the listener are encoded in the so-called "Head Related Transfer Function" (HRTF), while the cues that arise from room scattering are encoded in a Room Transfer Function (RTF). The HRTF exhibits considerable variation from person-to-person, while the RTF is a complicated function of room geometry, materials, and source & receiver locations. Hitherto, the HRTF had to be measured individually, making it difficult to use it to render perceptually convincing spatially distributed audio. We take an approach to computing the HRTF and room characteristics, that relies on fast algorithms and computer vision generated meshes. Knowing the HRTF and the RTF, the problem of rendering the sound so that it is accomplished with minimal latency, requires optimization of the different parts of the rendering pipeline. We will also describe our approach to this problem.
Speaker Profile:
Ramani Duraiswami is Director of the Perceptual Interfaces and Reality Laboratory at the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Maryland, College Park. He has broad research interests in the varying areas of computational audio (Microphone arrays and virtual auditory displays), computer vision, numerical analysis and scientific computing. An IIT-B alum, more information on his research can be obtained at http://www.umiacs.umd.edu/~ramani .
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