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Title: Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud
Rahul Ghosh, Xerox Research Center India
Date & Time: August 19, 2015 14:30
Venue: SIB 201, Lecture Hall, Kanwal Rekhi Building
Large scale Cloud services are inherently stochastic in nature. Hence, quantifying and predicting the service quality (e.g., performance and dependability) of such Clouds becomes non-trivial. This talk will deep dive into scalable performance, power-consumption and resource over-commit analysis for an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Cloud. The talk will also briefly cover other what-if analysis approaches such as Cloud downtime analysis, capacity planning and resiliency quantification. Models and approaches presented in this research can be useful to a Cloud service provider for planning, forecasting, bottleneck detection, what-if analysis or overall optimization during design, development, testing and operational phases of a Cloud.
Speaker Profile:
Rahul Ghosh received his Ph.D. degree in in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Duke University (2012) and has worked as a Performance Analyst at IBM Research Triangle Park. Currently, he is Research Scientist at Xerox Research Center India. His is broadly interested in developing scalable and predictive analytics for enterprise systems.
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