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Cameras and pyschorealism: A twisted perspective.
Karan Singh, University of Toronto
Date & Time: October 31, 2003 15:00
Venue: CSE Seminar Hall
Computer graphics is rapidly striding toward a state where the real and virtual in an animation blend ndistinguishably together. Beyond the mere exercise of recreating reality, a computer animated short film "Ryan" aims to show the realism of the messy, chaotic, mundane and glorious entity in generating an envisioned image of a three dimensional scene. More specifically, a key limitation of existing camera models is that they inhibit the artistic exploration, understanding and presentation of a scene. Deviations from a linear perspective in Ryan are used to convey moods in the animation. Given that humans have a strong sense of linear perspective, controlling subtle variations in perspective allows an animator to generate a sense of uneasiness in the audience to reflect the mood within the animation. Similarly larger deviations from a linear perspective can be used to convey a sense of space or lightness in the animation. The talk will look at techniques that allow animators control over various aspects of shape, time and illumination under non-linear projection.
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