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Integrated Spatial and Temporal Multiresolution Data Hierarachies
R. Daniel Bergeron,
Date & Time: January 13, 2004 15:30
Venue: CSE Seminar Hall
Modern scientific research continues to be based more and more heavily on analyzing ever larger quantities of data. Some of the very largest scientific data sets are characterized as time series of spatial data, such as is generated by computational fluid dynamics. It is important to provide the scientist with access to both spatial and temporal multiresolution versions of the data in order to facilitate effective interactive browsing. We have developed a data model that integrates spatial multiresolution hierarchies with temporal multiresolution hierarchies. This model serves as the foundation for a data manipulation tool that allows a user to generate and access multiresolution data defined by arbitrary combinations of spatial and temporal decomposition. This talk focuses on the concepts behind the space/time multiresolution and adaptive resolution data model and how it facilitates the implementation of application level software.
Speaker Profile:
Dr. Bergeron received his Sc.B. (1966) in Applied Mathematics and Ph.D.(1973) in Computer Science from Brown University and joined the UNH Faculty in 1974. He was founding Editor-in-Chief of the "ACM Transactions on Graphics" and is currently on the editorial board of "Computers and Graphics". His teaching and research interests are in scientific visualization, computer graphics, parallel algorithms, user interfaces and software engineering. http://www.cs.unh.edu/~rdb/rdb.html
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