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The CSE department invites outstanding candidates to pursue the degree of Masters of Technology (M. Tech.) at IIT Bombay. The M. Tech. programme lets students do a number of specialized courses, as well as lets them explore their research and development skills through an year long project.

The courses at the CSE department will challenge your intellect and advance your knowledge in various subjects in Computer Science while the M. Tech. project will let you be a part of the various exciting research projects going on in the Department.

An M. Tech. at CSE-IITB will prepare you for both - either the highly sought-after industry jobs, or if you find that you like research, for a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Why pursue post-graduate studies?

These are exciting times for the software industry in India. In the long run, our role in the world of computing will be defined not by the export of inexpensive commodity services, but by the quality of intellectual property that we produce and own through core technology development. Human intellectual capital is our single most precious asset. A post-graduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering is a must if you aspire to set yourself apart from the anonymous mass of "computer professionals" and to assume a leading role in transforming the industry, be it through research, advanced development, teaching, or entrepreneurship.

Why at IIT Bombay?

Read student's view of M. Tech.(CSE) at IIT Bombay - an introduction and top reasons why joining IIT Bombay may be the right decision for you.

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Please check the Institute post-graduate admissions Web-pages for institute-wide admission requirements and procedures. Application forms, description of qualifications required, and details on how to apply can be found there. For procedures and rules specific to the CSE department, in addition to the Institute wide rules, see below.

CSE Department Admission Requirements and Procedures

Admission to the M. Tech. programme can be gained in many different categories. Click here to familiarize yourself with each category and the requirements for admission to those categories.

  • Most categories require a minimum GATE score in GATE-CS.
  • Admission into some categories in CSE require a written test followed by interview

Departmental admission policy

  • Admission to the following categories is by "direct admission based on GATE cutoff" : Teaching Assistantship (TA), Self Financed (SF). They are 2 year M.Tech. programmes.
  • For this year B.Techs from IITs with a CPI of at least 8.0 will be granted a waiver from GATE requirement.However they will have to appear for a written test and interview on May 19th 2014.Among other things they will be tested on programming skills and knowledge of basic CS subjects given below.
  • Admission to following categories is based on written test followed by interview for shortlisted candidates: Research Assistantship (RA), Project Staff (PS), Institute Staff (IS), Sponsored (SW). Interview will be based on a basic Computer Science syllabus. They are 3 year M.Tech. programmes. Here are some FAQs about a 3 year M.Tech. programme.
  • Click here to know about current available positions for M.Tech. RA

Written Test Details

A written test will be conducted for all candidates called on 19-May-2014. The test will be of 1.5hrs duration and will consist of two sections:

  1. Programming aptitude (~1hr)
  2. Computer science (~0.5hr)
The syllabus for the section is same as undergraduate CS syllabus, which includes operating systems, networking, algorithms, database systems, theory of computation, compilers, computer graphics and artificial Intelligence.

Details on MTech Admissions

Admission for the TA/SF categories will be based on GATE scores alone except for IIT B.Techs with CPI of at least 8.0 who will have to appear for written test and interview . Candidates for other categories will have to write an exam possibly followed by and interview.

The eligibility for the written exam for Sponsored Candidates is:
  1. Valid GATE score
  2. First class in the qualifying exam
  3. Sponsorship certificate as in page 14 of the brochure. It is important that the wording of the sponsorship certificate be exactly as in the form given. Candidates with certificates whose wordings differ may be disqualified.

For categories which require written exam and interview at the CSE Department, these will be held on 19th May of this year(2014). Valid GATE (CS) scores are a must for all applicants to the Mtech program in Computer Science and Engg. except commissioned officers of the armed forces and IIT B.Tech with CPI at least 8.0. The department reserves the right to change the pattern of the written exam to include more material from the GATE (CS) portion.

Please refer to the institute admissions page for further information.

Last Modified Date: 18-May-2014


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