Five Year Dual Degree Programme Admissions


The Computer Science and Engineering Department of IIT Bombay has started the Dual Degree program in Computer Science, with effect from the academic year 2000-2001. The goals of the program are to produce highly skilled professionals at the Master's level, and enable them to explore issues in Research and Development in depth, through an 18 month final project.

The department decided that there would be no fixed streams of specialization. This is in keeping with the belief that while there exist natural subareas in Computer Science, it is still a rapidly evolving field with some of the most exciting advances coming at the interfaces of subareas. Thus it was felt that it would be best to allow each student (in consultation with the faculty adviser and thesis adviser) the flexibility to choose elective courses enabling him/her to specialize in any subarea/subareas.

Key Features of Dual Degree Program and Rationale

  • The first three years of the program are to be exactly the same as the B.Tech. program. The committee felt that the first three years provide a basic grounding in computer science, which is needed for both B.Tech. and Dual Degree students.

  • In the 4th year the course structure for DDP differs from the B.Tech. course structure as follows.

  • The B.Tech. project stage I in 4th year 1st semester, and Practical Training in the summer between 3rd and 4th year are replaced by an 18 credit Mini Project evaluated in November. The goal of the mini project is to get the student to explore research and development in detail in a specific area.
    The mini project starts in summer, and may include summer work done outside IIT, for instance in industry/research labs or other academic institutions. In other words, students have the flexibility to work outside of IIT in summer with the consent of the project advisor.

  • In the 4th year 2nd semester the Dual Degree students start on their Dual Degree project which continues for 18 months. It is expected that the student will have substantial body of R&D work completed by the end of the year as a result of the mini project and the Dual Degree project.

  • In the 5th year of the programme, students will take one elective in each semester to continue course-based learning with advanced electives, while having a substantial amount of time for work on their project.

  • Students have the flexibility to choose between B.Tech. and M.Tech. electives starting from the 3rd year 2nd semester itself, and have to take a total of 8 electives. Of these, a minimum of 4 should be post-grad level electives.

  • The combination of
    • an 18 month final project,
    • a seminar in the 3rd year 2nd semester,
    • a Mini Project in the 3rd to 4th year summer, and 4th year 1st semester,
    gives Dual Degree program students an excellent opportunity to make a substantial contribution to research and development.

  • In comparison with the M.Tech. programme, the emphasis of the Dual Degree programme is more on research and development. M.Tech. students have to do 8 electives of which at least 6 must be post-grad level electives, but do only a 1 year project. Having undergone our own UG programme, Dual Degree students will be in a position to directly do advanced M.Tech. electives, so only 4 post-grad level electives are required, although up to 8 may be taken.

  • It was decided not to offer special courses just for DDP students. We are already offering a number of very specialized post-grad electives which will allow students to explore some areas in depth. Since the CSE dual degree program has no areas of specialization, there is no need for elective requirements in specialized areas.

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