CSE Department, IIT Bombay, Annual Report 2006-2007


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) merged with the Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology (KreSIT) in March 2007, to form a single Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The rest of the report, therefore, is a report of the accomplishments of the joint department. The merged department continued maintaining its leadership among peer institutions of its kind. With 33 faculty and 63 research scholars on its roll, the CSE department of IIT Bombay also continued as the largest and most active research program in the country.

Our students and faculty received various awards during this year - Ananthakrishna R (Research Scholar) won the second prize in Techvista-the annual flagship event of Microsoft Research India- held at IISc Bangalore. Sobhan Babu won the IBM Outstanding Ph.D. award for 2006, given by IBM India Research Lab, New Delhi. Appu Shaji, Ph.D. student with ViGIL was one of 5 Indians who won the Australia Govt. Endeavour (http://www.endeavour.dest.gov.au/) award. Prof. Krithi Ramamritham was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Science from University of Sydney, Australia and the 2006 IIT Madras Distinguished Alumnus Award. Prof. Soumen Chakrabarti was a recipient of the 2006 IBM Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) innovation award and Microsoft Live Labs Accelerating Search in Academic Research 2006 RFP Awards. Prof Umesh Bellur and Prof. S. Sudarshan each were recipients of the IBM Faculty Award for the year 2006. Prof. N.L. Sarda was honoured as a Fellow of the Computer Society of India. Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharya was inducted as a Member, Planning Comission Committee (Govt. of India) on "Language Policies and Technology", 2006-07.

Our students and faculty members organized various symposia and workshops, including Aayaam and Convergence (student-led) and the Symposium on Modeling and Shallow Parsing of Indian Languages organized by CFILT.

IITB CSE faculty collaborated with several international researchers by way of visiting universities, or hosting visiting researchers.

The CSE Department, IIT Bombay emerged as a major center for Natural Language Processing over the years. It has attracted large national and International funding from Government and Industry. A significant recent development (November, 2006) is the leading role the institute has assumed in conducting national level consortia projects on Machine Translation and Information Retrieval. Prime institutions of this country are partners in these endeavours.

Funding for the Laboratory for Intelligent Systems was renewed by Tata Consultancy Services, with 6 new PIs joining the lab. A new GPU-based visual computing effort was started with collaboration with nVidia at the vision, graphics, and imaging laboratory (ViGIL).

Academic Programmes

The department admitted 34 students in the B.Tech program in CSE, 58 students in the M.Tech program in CSE, 27 students in the M.Tech program in KreSIT, 04 students for the Ph.D program in CSE, 02 students for the Ph.D. Program in KReSIT and 21 students for the Dual Degree program in CSE. Degrees were awarded to 28 B.Tech students in CSE, 40 M Tech students in CSE, 23 M.Tech students in KreSIT, 15 Dual Degree students in CSE, 01 MS students in CSE, 03 Ph.D.students in CSE and 01 Ph.D. Students in KreSIT.
The department continued to receive attractive fellowships for its M.Tech, DD and Ph.D programs from the industry with 3 Ph.D., fellowhip from Infosys, 3 Ph.D. Fellowship from Philips,1 Ph.D. Fellowship from Bell Labs. 1 Ph.D. Fellowship from Microsoft Research India and 1 ph.D Assistantship from IBM. 2 M.Tech, fellowships from VijayVashee, 3 Dual Degree fellowship from Vincent Fernandes donation.

Sponsored Research Projects

Ongoing Projects 63
New Projects 20
Completed Projects 13
Faculty involved 26
Outlay of new projects Rs.4,46,99,288/- approximately

Sponored Projects
  • New Projects

    1. Formal verification of Akash onboard process., Defence Research & Development Organisation.
    2. Training workshop on modelling geospatial data for sharing and inter-operability., Department of Science & Technology.
    3. Research Support for INAE Young Engineer Awardees, Indian National Academy of Engineering.
    4. Cross Lingual Information Access (CLIA) System, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology.
    5. Development of Indian Language to Indian Language Machine Translation System (IL-IL MT) : Consortium Leader : IIIT Hyderabad., Ministry of Communications & Information Technology.
    6. English to Indian Languages Machine Translation (E-IL-MT) - Consortium Leader - CDAC , PUNE., Ministry of Communications & Information. Technology.
    7. Book on “Data Flow Analysis : Theory and Practice”, Taylor and Francis Group, LLC., USA.
    8. Entity and Relation Types in Web Search: Annotation, Indexing and Scoring Techniques Award Number: 15196., Microsoft Corporation.
    9. Integrating Entities, Types and Relations into Search: Annotation, Indexing and Scoring Techniques., International Business Machines Corporation.
    10. IBM Faculty Award for Research Work in the area of Autonomic Computing., International Business Machines Corporation, USA
    11. Crop disease forecasting services ane expert crop advisory to farmers over information kiosk networks. PAN ASIA ICT, (Asian Media for Information & Communication Center, Singapore).
    12. Enterprise Middleware for Intermittent networks., Motorola, U.S.A.
    13. IBM Faculty Award of Prof. S. Sudarshan, IBM Corporate Technology, Ny.
    14. Architectural Information Extraction From Object Oriented Sources in R/O. Shri. Shakeb Sagher, B.TECH. Student., IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Pune. PH.D Proj. of Dharamendra Yadav "CCS & Its Application. Modelling"
    15. PH.D Proj. of Dharamendra Yadav "CCS & Its Application. Modelling" IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
    16. Metamodelling & Architecure, IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
    17. Formal Verification of Software Systems, MICROSOFT INDIA (R&D) PVT.LTD., Hyderabad.
    18. Formal Verification of Large State Transition Systems, General Motors India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
    19. E-Outreach, Technology Info. Forecasting & Assesment Council.
    20. TCS-IIT BOMBAY. Laboratory for Intelligent Systems., Tata Research Development & Design Centre, Pune.

  • Ongoing projects

    1. Development of real time tracing of multiple laser incident on a screen. DRDO.
    2. Real time image processing to offset the need for sensors., DRDO.
    3. Financial Assistance for “Procurement of software packages for activities relating to implementation of Interoperable/Open GIS Standards under NRDMS/N., DST.
    4. Analysis and Design of Wireless, Mobile and Multiservice Communication Networks., MHRD.
    5. Performance Charactrization Of Seda-Based Servers (M/S.Amazon Development Center (India) Pvt.Ltd)., by Private Organisations.
    6. Agro Explorer, Private Organisations.
    7. Special Manpower Development Programme for VLSI Design and related Software (SMDP-II), Department of Electronics.
    8. Building Check-Dams for Drinking Water: A Teaching and Research Initiative., Donation.
    9. Open Source Software (M/S.IBM Global Services India Pvt.Ltd.,B'LORE) by Private Organisations.
    10. Improving GCC Ports of ABACUS and ANUPAMA., DRDO.
    11. Automated Knowledge Level Software Engineering., DST.
    12. Financial Assistance For Research Project Entitled "Ontology Based Framework For Integration Of Geographic Information".DST.
    13. Association For Computing Machinery -International Collegiate Programming Contest -IBM Canada Ltd., IBM Canada Ltd.
    14. A Methodology and Tool to Determine Application Topology and Component Resource Needs of Distributed Enterprise Applications-Intel Corporation., Intel Corporation.
    15. Fine-grained symmetric multiprocessor architecture for TCP/IP stack on the UNM platform (M/s.UNM Systems(India) Pvt. Ltd..by Private Organisations.
    16. Framework for National Entrepreneurs Support Programme for IT at Premier Institutes, 03IT005, Ministry of Information Technology & Communication.
    17. Development Gateway Foundation ICT Research and Training Centre, India, 03SP003., by Private Organisations.
    18. Time category in Computer Science and Engineering Sept., 03DT004, Donation.
    19. Low Power Analysis & Implementation in an ASIC (M/s.Conexant Systems India Pvt.Ltd.), 03SP012, by Private Organisations.
    20. IDRBT/Multiapplication Smart Cards, Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology.
    21. M.Tech. proj.”Re-engg. Of procedural code to object oriented code under Prof.R.K.Joshi sponsored by Tata Infotech.
    22. M.Tech proj.”Bio-informatics” under Proj.G.Nagaraja sponsored by Tata Infotech.
    23. Partial redundancy elimination, Indo-US Collaboration.
    24. "Parallel Extentions to C for UMS architecture-I & II, Sponsored M.Tech Project.
    25. A Service-Oriented Architecture for Anonymous Remote Computing (ARC) on Internet, Indo-US Collaboration.
    26. M.Tech Sponsored Project, Tata Consultancy Services.
    27. Centre for formal Design and Verification of software, BRNS.
    28. Low cost engine management systems for petrol powered small vehicles., Technology Info. Forecasting & Assesment Council.
    29. Network security lab (m/s.nevis neworks india pvt. Ltd., pune. by Private Organisations.
    30. Developmental informatics..by Private Organisations.
    31. Multimodal Participatory Content Repository for the Education of Rural Children, by Private Organisations.
    32. Ibm faculty awards-ibm global services india pvt.ltd., by Private Organisations.
    33. Financial Assistance for research project entitled “Enabling Web-based workflow over object oriented GIS Models for NRDMS”.Department of Science & Technology.
    34. Open source software (M/S.IBMglobal services india pvt.ltd.,b'lore) by Private Organisations.
    35. Ekalavya project, by Private Organisations.
    36. Agro explorer, by Private Organisations.
    37. Interfaces for all, by Private Organisations.
    38. Polysensors, by Private Organisations.
    39. Enhancing Integrated Logistics Management System (ILMS) And Porting On To Linux/Open Source Platforms Conforming To J2EE Architecture Aeronautical Development Agency.
    40. PAN ASIA, Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, Singapore.
    41. A Methodology and Tool to Determine Application Topology and Component Resource Needs of Distributed Enterprise Applications-Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation.
    42. Exchange of Ideas on Data Mining and Data Cleaning Projects-Microsoft Resaerch, Microsoft Research.
    43. Methodology and Milldeware for Application I ntegration (M/s.Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd.), by Private Organisations.
    44. Life Skills Training for the Children of Denotified Nomadic Tribes in Maharashtra using ICT., by Private Organisations.
    45. Open Source Innovation Centre- INTEL,by Private Organisations.
    46. Development Gateway Foundation ICT Research and Training Centre, India, by Private Organisations.
    47. Microsoft Research-2003, Indo-US Collaboration

  • Consultancy Projects

    No. of Jobs = 22
    No.of faculty involved = 08
    Income generated = Rs.1,22,35,093/-

Extension Activities

  • Continuing Education Programmes

    “Network Security”

    “Program Analysis”

    “Workshop On Service Oriented Architechture (SOA) and Semantic Web”

    “Wireless Networks Protocols, Architectures and Applications”

    “Database and Informations Systems”

    “Advances in Database”

    “Advanced Programming in C++”

    “Practice of Programming using JAVA”

  • Workshop and other Events

    The department organized major events this year. A workshop on the Next Generation Web - "Aayaam – 07".from 16th-18th March, 2007, was organized by the student community of the department.

    The "First National Symposium on Modeling and Shallow Parsing of Indian Languages" was held from 31st March to 4th April, 2006 at IIT Bombay. It was organized by CFILT jointly with CIIL Mysore and C-DAC India.


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Dr. Andrew Tomkins, from IBM, “Social Media Trends and Online Social Networks”, April 3, 2007.

Prof.Christopher Jermaine, Assistant professor of computer science, University of Florida, “Supporting Scaleable Online Statistical Processing”, March 16,2007.

Dr. Ashish Darbari, Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Electronics and Computer Science Department at University of Southampton, “Symmetry Reduction for STE (Symbolic Trajectory Evaluation) Model Checking”, January 10,2007.

Dr. Andre Bondi, Performance engineer in the Software Engineering Department at Siemens Corporate Research, Inc. in Princeton, New Jersey, “Experience with Performance Engineering in an Agile Development Process”, January 10, 2007.

Dr. Srinivas Padmanabhuni, Principal Researcher at Software Engineering and Technology Labs (SETLabs) in Infosys Technologies Limited, Bangalore, India.,”Web 2.0, Semantic Web and Web Services: Next Generation Web”, January 9, 2007.

Jayant Kolhe, Sr. Manager of compiler technologies at NVIDIA Corp., Santa Clara and Dibyapran Sanyal, Manager of compiler team at NVIDIA, Pune, “Challenges in Compiling for Graphics Processing Units”, November 6, 2006.

Prof. Sanjay Jha, University of New South Wales, “Designing a Hybrid Sensor Network”, September 20, 2006.

Dr. Kesav V. Nori, Executive Director, Business Systems and Cybernetics Centre, TCS, “Real World Concerns in Software Development”, August 30, 2006.

Prof. Matt Welsh, Harvard University, “Monitoring Volcanic Eruptions with a Wireless Sensor Network”, August 22, 2006.

Manuvir Das, Center for Software Excellence, Microsoft, “Engineering Better Software at Microsoft”, August 14, 2006.

Prof. Paritosh Pandya, TIFR Mumbai, “ComputerVaadan: On Making and Understanding (Indian) Music using Computers”, August 9, 2006.

Dr. Sreeram Balakrishnan, IBM India Research Labs, New Delhi,”Long span contextual features for Text Classification and Entity Role Labelling”, August 3, 2006.

Pinaki Mukerji, Vice President, Informatica, CA, USA, “Promise of Data Integration: Challenges and Opportunity”, August 3, 2006.

Dr. Mohan Tanniru, Salter Distinguished Professor of Management & Technology, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona,“Managing Information Technology in a Global Environment - A reflective look back with an opportunity to shape its future”, August 1, 2006.

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Ravi R. Mazumdar, Uinversity of Waterloo, Canada,“Asymptotic capacity/ delay tradeoffs in ad hoc networks with”, July 28, 2006.

Dr. Paul C. Clements, Divya Devesh, Shivani Reddy, Prageti Verma, Software Engg. Institute - CMU, IIT-G, Symbiosis Center for Information Technology, “The Competence of Software Architects”, July 28, 2006.

Jinesh Vora, Amazon, “High Performance Distributed Systems”,July 7,2006.

Dr. N. Sridhar (Sridharakumar Narasimhan), Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, “Development of a utility function for sensor networks from a fault diagnosis perspective”, June 23, 2006.

Prof. Debasis Mitra, Florida Institute of Technology, “Correlogram-based method for comparing biological sequences and Spatio-temporal Relational Constraints Calculi”, June 22, 2006.

Prof. Lakshman S Tamil, Dept. of EE, University of Texas at Dallas, “Body Area Sensor Network”, June 19, 2006.

John Klein, Chief Architect, Avaya, “The ABCs of Call Centers”,June 12, 2006.

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Dr. Kishore Swaminathan, Director Research, Accenture Technology Labs, “IT Trends: Prognosis for the Next Decade”, May 15, 2006.

Prof. Wei-Chi Yang, Department of Math and Stats at Radford University, Virginia, USA,“Technology in Teaching, Learning and research in Mathematics”, May 10, 2006.


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      Designing multi-tier wireless mesh networks: placement of backbone nodes. World Wireless Congress (WWC) , San Francisco, USA, May 2006.

    40. Raghuraman Rangarajan; Sridhar Iyer.
      WIND: A tool for capacity-constrained design of multi-tier wireless networks. IEEE Infocom (poster) , Barcelona, Spain, April 2006.

    41. Saraswathi Krithivasan; Sridhar Iyer.
      Maximizing revenue through resource provisioning and scheduling in delay-tolerant multimedia networks. IEEE Infocom (poster) , Barcelona, Spain, April 2006.

    42. Srinath Perur; Sridhar Iyer.
      Reachability: An alternative to connectivity for sparse wireless multi-hop networks. IEEE Infocom (poster) , Barcelona, Spain, April 2006.

    43. Raghuraman Rangarajan; Sridhar Iyer.
      Capacity-constrained design of resilient multi-tier wireless mesh networks. IEEE Infocom Student Workshop, Barcelona, Spain, April 2006.

    44. Saraswathi Krithivasan; Sridhar Iyer.
      Enhancing QoS for delay-tolerant multimedia applications. IEEE Infocom Student Workshop, Barcelona, Spain, April 2006.

    45. Srinath Perur; Sridhar Iyer.
      Designing Sparse Wireless Multi-hop Networks. IEEE Infocom Student Workshop, Barcelona, Spain, April 2006.

    46. Vallieswaran V.; Bernard Menezes.
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    47. Bernard Menezes; Abhishek Seth; Rajveer Singh.
      "Can a Million Experts Improve your Sales’ Forecasts? ", European Symposium on Time Series Prediction, Helsinki, Finland, Feb. 7-9, 2007.

  • National Proceedings Papers

    1. Sarda N.L.; Sen. S.; Suman. S.
      “Resolving Semantic Heterogeneity in the Indian NSDI: An Ontology Mapping Approach”. In Proc of 9th International Conference and Exhibition on Geographic Information Science, Technology and Applications, MapIndia, New Delhi, 2006.

    2. Sivakumar G.Arvind Kiwelekar.; Rushikesh K. Joshi.
      “An Object Oriented Metamodel for Bunge-Wand-Weber Ontology Proceedings of Workshop on Semantic Web for Collaborative Knowledge Acquisition (SWeCKa 2007)”. at IJCAI 2007, Hyderabad, January 2007.

    3. Yogesh Murarka.; Umesh Bellur.; Rushikesh K. Joshi.
      “Safety Analysis for Dynamic Update of Object Oriented Programs”, Proceedings of 13th Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2006), Bangalore, December 2006.

    4. Janak Chandarana; Sravana Kumar K.; Srinath Perur; Raghuraman Rangarajan; Sameer Sahasrabuddhe; Sridhar Iyer.
      VoIP-based Intra-village Teleconnectivity: An Architecture and Case Study. Comsware Workshop on Wireless Systems Advanced Research and Development (WISARD) , Bangalore, Jan 2007.

    5. Nitesh Gupta; Sridhar Iyer.
      RFIDPlanner - A Coverage Planning Tool for RFID Networks. Asian Intl Mobile Computing Conference (AMOC) , Calcutta, India, Jan 2007.

    6. Kamlesh Laddhad; Bernard Menezes; Karthik B.; Kaushik Dutta.
      "Challenges in RFID Deployment – A Case Study in Public Transportation ", International Conference on E-Governance, New Delhi, Dec. 15-17, 2006, pp. 67 – 74.

  • Papers in Conference(Participation) - International

    1. Manish Bhide.; Krithi Ramamritham.; Mukund Agrawal. “Efficient Execution of Continuous Incoherency Bounded Queries over Multi-Source Streaming Data”, 25th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems.

    2. Saurabh Sahni.; Krithi Ramamritham.
      “Delay Tolerant Applications for Low Bandwidth and Intermittently Connected Users: the aAQUA Experience (poster paper), WWW2007, Banff, Canada.

    3. Rajeev Gupta.; Krithi Ramamritham.
      Optimized Query Planning of Continuous Aggregation Queries in Dynamic Data Dissemination Networks, WWW 2007,, Banff, Canada.

    4. “Abhay Kumar Jha.; Ming Xiong.; Krithi Ramamritham.
      “Mutual Consistency in Real-Time Databases, RTSS2006: The 27th IEEE International Real-Time Systems Symposium, �Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December, 2006.

    5. Subhasri Duttagupta.; Krithi Ramamritham,; Parmesh Ramanathan.
      "Distributed Boundary Tracking using Sensor Networks", The 3rd IEEE Intl. Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems, Vancouver, Canada, Oct 2006.

    6. Srinivasan S.; Krithi Ramamritham.
      "Contour Estimation Using Mobile Sensors", DIWANS'06,2nd Workshop on Dependability Issues in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks and Sensor Networks (held along with ACM Mobicom 2006), Los Angeles, Sep 2006.

    7. Gurulingesh R. Gouda.; Neera Sharma.; Krithi Ramamritham.
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    8. Krithi Ramamritham.; Anil Bahuman.; Subhasri Duttagupta.
      � aAQUA: A Database-backended Multilingual, Multimedia Community Forum (A Demonstration), SIGMOD, Chicago, IL, June 2006.

    9. Krithi Ramamritham.
      The DIL team, Innovative ICT Tools for Information Provision in Agricultural Extension ICTD 2006, Berkeley CA, May 2006.

    10. Krithi Ramamritham.
      Dissemination of Dynamic Data: Semantics, Algorithms, and Performance, (keynote talk) DASFAA 2006, Singapore, April 2006.

    11. Sivakumar G.
      Program Committee Chair, ADCOM 2006, Dec. 2006.

    12. Varsha Apte
      Attended: Workshop on Software Performance '07, Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 2007.

    13. Sharat Chandran.; Nithya M.; Parnami A.
      “Reducing False Positives in Video Shot Detection Using Learning Techniques”, in ICVGIP 2006. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 4338. Editors: Kalra, Prem; and Peleg, Shmuel. 2006.

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    17. Sudarshan S.
    18. International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) 2007, April 17-20, Istanbul, Turkey.

    19. International Conference on Management of Data (COMAD) 2006, Dec. 2006, New Delhi.

    20. Krishna. S. International Conference in India, FST & TCS 2006, Kolkata, India, Dec 2006.

    21. Supratik Chakraborty
    22. European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software (ETAPS), March-April, 2006.

    23. IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods (SEFM), September 2006.

    24. International Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science (FSTTCS), December 2006.

    25. International Conference on Logic, Navya Nayaya and Applications, January 2007.

    26. Workshop on Next Generation Design and Verification Methodologies for Distributed Embedded Control Systems, January 2007.

    27. WWW 2006, Edinburgh, May 2006, SIGIR 2006, Seattle, August 2006, SIGKDD 2006, Philadelphia, August 2006., ICDM 2006, Hong Kong, December 2006.

    28. Pushpak Bhattacharyya
    29. Joint Annual Conference of Computational Linguistics Society and Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL/COLING 2006), July, 2006.

    30. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2007), January, 2007.

    31. International Conference on NLP (ICON 2007), Janyary, 2007.

    32. Rushikesh K. Joshi.
      Program Committee Member. “Workshop on Evolutionary Models of Collaboration (EMC'07), at IJCAI conference, Hyderabad, 6 Jan 2007.

    33. Umesh Bellur
    34. A Distributed Algorithm for Underlay Aware and Available Overlay Formation in Event Broker Networks for Publish/Subscribe Systems, Madhu Kumar and Umesh Bellur, Accepted for publication at DEPSA 2007, a workshop of ICDCS 2007.

    35. Reliable Routing of Event Notifications over P2P Overlay Routing Substrate in Event Based Middleware, Shruti Mahambre and Umesh Bellur, Accepted for publication at Hot P2P '07, a workshop of IPDPS 2007.

    36. Transformation of UML Design Model into Performance Model - A Model-Driven Framework., Ramrao Wagh, Umesh Bellur, Bernard Menezes.,ICEIS (3) 2006: 576-580.

    37. On OO Design Consistency in Iterative Development, Umesh Bellur and Vallieswaran V., Software Engineering track of ITNG 2006, Las Vegas, USA, April 2006.

    38. On Using OO Techniques to Establish Workflow Conformance, Umesh Bellur, Poster Paper in OOPS Track of ACM SAC 2006, Dijon, France, April 2006

    39. xSpace - A Tuple space for XML and its application in Orchestration of Web Services, Umesh Bellur and Siddharth Bondre, Distributed and Grid Computing Track of ACM SAC 2006, Dijon, France, April 2006.

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    41. An Academic Perspective on Globalization in the Software Industry. Umesh Bellur, Compsac 2006, Chicago, USA, Sept 2006.

    42. Anirudha Sahoo
    43. Program Chair of IEEE International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT) 2006.

    44. Attended IEEE International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT) 2006.

    45. Attended IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS) 2006.

    46. Ashwin Gumaste; Ghani N.; Bafna P.; Lodha A.; Srivastava S.; Das T.; Zheng S.
      Achieving Multi-Rate Dynamic Sub-Wavelength Service Provisioning in Strongly connected Light-trails (SLiTs)," POST DEADLINE PAPER IEEE/OSA OFCOptic Fiber Conference, Anaheim, CA March 2007.

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      "Delay Sensitive Smoothed Round Robin (DS2R2) Scheduler for Light-trail and SLiT Networks," to appear OSA/IEEE Optical Fiber Communications Conference, OFC 2007, Anaheim CA USA.

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      "TEDION: Terabit Digital Optical Networks Based on Light-trails and Photonic Integrated Circuits for Low Cost and Dynamic Communication," to appear 3rd IEEE International Symposium on High Capacity Optical Networks and Enabling Technologies (HONET 2006), Charlotte, NC, USA from September 6-8,2006.

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      Dual Auction and Recourse Technique for Light-trail Assignment,. 3rd IEEE WOCN Wireless and Optical Communication Networks Conference

    64. Sunita Sarawagi
    65. 32nd Int'l Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB), Seoul, S. Korea Sept 2006.

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    69. Sridhar Iyer
      Intl Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, Lisboa, Portugal, July 2006.

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      “An Adaptive and optimized security policy manager for Wireless Networks” 8th world wireless congress accepted May 21st to 23rd San Francisco USA 2007.

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    73. Manik Lal Das.; Ashutosh Saxena.; Deepak B. Phatak.
      “Algorithms and Approaches of Proxy Signature: A Survey”. International Journal of Network Security, Communicated.

  • Papers in Conference(Participation) - National

      Umesh Bellur
    1. Adaptive Overlays for Event Based Middleware- A case for Chordal Reliability Rings: Madhukumar S.D., Umesh Bellur and V.K. Govindan, ADCOM 2006, India, Dec 2006.

    2. Power Aware Duty Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks, Umesh Bellur and Nishant Jaiswal., ICDCN, India, Dec 2006.

    3. A Versioning Scheme for Consistent Evolution of OO Applications, Umesh Bellur and Vallieswaran V., 13th APSEC, India, Dec 2006.

    4. Safety Analysis for Dynamic Update of Object Oriented Programs, Yogesh Murarka, Umesh Bellur and Rushikesh Joshi.,13th APSEC, India, Dec 2006.

    5. Bernard Menezes
    6. “Issues in universal deployment of web applications” in Workshop on Technological Convergence: Opening New Vistas and Technological Crimes beyond Borders, Pillai’s Institute of Management Studies and Research (as part of the Sesquicentennial celebrations of Bombay University), New Panvel, March 13, 2007.

    7. “Security for Web Services”, Aayam2007, (Workshop on Web Services), IIT Bombay, March 2007.

  • Patents

    1. Sridhar Iyer
      One (jointly with Vijay Raisinghani, TCS).

Honorary work

Abhiram Ranade
Member of Scientific Computin Panel of the Naval Research Board, Govt. of India.

Sivakumar G
Governing Council Member of IDRBT, Hyderabad. Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technologies.
Member of IT Advsiory Committee of Reserve Bank of India

Krithi Ramamritham
WWW: Intl. World Wide Web Conference, 2006, 2007 (track chair). Editor-in-Chief: Springer's Real-Time Systems Journal.
Editor:IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Internet Computing Springer's WWW Journal Springer's Distributed and Parallel Databases journal. The VLDB Journal lots of Program Committees.

Shashikant Kelkar
Teach several cources at Tata Institute of Social Sciences for Students of Hospital Administration Class.

Anirudha Sahoo
Technical Review Committee, IEEE WCNC 2006.
Technical Program Committee, IEEE International Conference on Mobile Technology.
Reviewer IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.
Selection Committee of Thadomal Shani Engineering College and K.J. Sowmya Engineering College, Mumbai.
Technical Program Committee, AccessNet 2006.
Technical Program Committee, BroadNet 2006.

Ashwin Gumaste
TPC Chair, Accessnets 2006, Accessnets 2007.
Member of TPC, ICC, Globecom, ICCCN etc.
Workshop Chair Comsware 2006.

Sunita Sarawagi
ACM SIGMOD Member Program Committee..
ACM TODS , Editorial board.
ACM Transactions on KDD , Editorial board.

Sridhar Iyer
Member of Academic Council - Sri Sri RaviShankar Vidya Mandir.
Member of Board of Studies - SNDT University.
Member of Program Commitee - Several International Conferences.

Bernard Menezes
Faculty Advising., Departmental Post Graduate Committee.
KreSIT Head and at present Department Assosiate Head.

Varsha Apte
Referee for Symposium on Applied Computing and IEEE Transactions on Computers.

Sharat Chandran
Coach and Advisor, ACM-ICPC, Ph.D Reviewer: IIT Madras,IIT Delhi, ICVGIP PC meeting.

Moreshwar R Bhujade
Member editorial board, International Journal of High Performance systems architecture.Inderscience publication. Research paper refree for VLSI 07 (20th International conference on VLSI design)

Sarda N.L.
Program Committee member for 13th International Conference on Management of Data, COMAD 2006, held during December 15-18, 2006, New Delhi, India.
Program Committee member for 12th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA 2007), 9-12 April, 2007, Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok,Thailand.
Program Committee member for Eight International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS'2006), Yogyakarta, Indonesia, from 4 - 7 December 2006.
Program Committee member "Fourth International Workshop on Evolution and Change in Data Management" (ECDM 2006), November 2006 in conjunction with the 25th International Conference on Conceptual Modelling (ER 2006), in Tucson, Arizona.
Program Committee member for 7th International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies, EC-WEB 2006, Krakow, Poland,from September 5 to 8 2006 (organized by the DEXA Association in parallel with DEXA06, 17th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications).
Program Committee member for 3rd International Workshop on Privacy Data Management, to be held in conjunction with ICDE 2007, Istanbul, Turkey, April 16-17, 2007.

Sudarshan S.
Associate Editor, ACM Transactions on Database Systems. Program Committee Member, ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, 2007.

Supratik Chakroborty
Reviewed papers for IEEE Transactions on CAD, Formal Methods in System
Design, Theoretical Computer Science, CAV 2007, FSTTCS 2006, SEFM 2006, FMCAD 2006, ASYNC 2006, AVIS 2006 among others Program Committee member of FSTTCS 2006, SEFM 2006, FMCAD 2006, ASYNC 2006, AVIS 2006.
Tutorial Chair at SEFM 2006, and co-organizer of Workshop on Advances in Timed Systems at FSTTCS 2006.

Soumen Chakrabarti
Member of Technical Advisory board, Web Search groups of Microsoft Research and MSN.
WWW 2006, Deputy Chair, Data Mining track.
Member of Editorial Board, ACM Transactions on the Web. ECML-PKDD 2006, Area Chair, Track for mining links, graphs, trees and high-dimensional data. Program Committee Member, SIGKDD 2006.

Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Member, Board of Studies, REC, Silchar.
Member, Board of Studies, International Schol of Information Management, Mysore.

Awards and Achievements

Krithi Ramamritham
Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT Madras, received April 2006. Doctor of Science (honoris causa) Univ of Sydney (announced Oct 2006, to be given May 2007).

Sarda N.L.
Honoured as Fellow of Computer Society of India, December 2006.

Sudarshan S.
IBM Faculty Award, 2006, for work on Keyword Querying on Semi-Structured Data.

Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Invited Panelist, Challenges in NLP: Some New Perspectives from the East, ACL-COLING 2006, Sydney, Australia, July, 2006 .
Member, Planning Comission Committee (Govt. of India) on "Language Policies and Technology", 2006-07.
National Coordinator, India Level Consortia Project on Cross Lingual Information Access.

Umesh Bellur
Motorola Research grant for research into seamless mobility in service oriented environments., $14000 for 2006-2007, Sept 2006.
IBM Faculty Award in Autonomic Computing; $26000 July 2006.

Bernard Menezes
Best Paper Award at the International Conference on E-Government (E-Government Technology Infrastructure Track), December 2006, for the paper, "Challenges in RFID Deployment – A Case Study in Public Transportation”.

Faculty and their Specializations

  1. S.Biswas
    Programming Languages, Compiler Optimization, Parallelizing Compilers.
  2. A.A.Diwan
    Algorithms, Graph Theory, Combinatorics.
  3. Amitabha Sanyal
    Programming Languages.
  4. Abhiram Ranade
  5. D.M.Dhamdhere
    Optimizing Compilers, Language Processing tools, Operating systems, Distributed systems.
  6. G.Nagaraja
    Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Knowledge based systems
  7. G.Sivakumar
    Automated Reasoning, Formal Methods, Networks
  8. Krithi Ramamritham
    Databases, Embedded and Real-time systems, Internet and the Web
  9. Ketan Mulmumey
    Complexity theory, Geometric algorithms, Parallel algorithms.
  10. M.R.Bhujade
    Computer Architecture, Parallel and distributed Processing, Design automation of Logic, Neural Networks and Applications.
  11. Milind Sohoni
    Algebraic and Geometric Analysis, Computer-Aided Geometric Design, Distributed Computing
  12. N.L.Sarda
    Database Systems, Software Engineering, Information Systems
  13. Pushpak Bhattacharyya
    Natural Language Processing , Machine Learning , Neural Networks.
  14. R.K.Joshi
    Object Oriented Systems, SoftwareArchitectures, Distributed Systems.
  15. Sharat Chandran
    Computer Graphics , Computer Vision, Images, Geometry, Multimedia, Data Structures.
  16. Soumen Chakrabarti
    Hypertext and Semi-Structured databases and data mining , Hypermedia protocols for the Internet.
  17. S.Sudarshan
  18. Supratik Chakraborty
    Formal methods for verification and analysis, Asynchronous systems
  19. Sundar Vishwanathan
  20. Uday Khedkar
    Programming Languages, Language Processing, Compilers.
  21. Varsha Apte
    Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems and Networks.
  22. Krishna S
    DNA Computing, Membrane Computing, Grammar Systems, Combinatorics on words, Formal Methods, Duration calculus and Logics of Time.
  23. Umesh Bellur
    Distributed, object based systems, Middleware, QoS of distributed applications, Autonomic computing of distributed systems. Multi-agent systems and their realization.
  24. Shashikant A. Kelkar
    Project management, Quality Management and certification, Matrix management, Software Engineering, Management Information Systems
  25. Damani Om. P.
    Distributed Systems, Scalable Services, Fault Tolerance, Indian Language Technologies, Computer Networks and Systems Performance.
  26. Anirudha Sahoo
    Computer Networks, QoS in Networks, Voice Routing, Voice Over IP.
  27. Ashwin Gumaste
    Broadband, Optical and access Networks, Theory of Networks, Network Algorithms and Protocols.
  28. Purushottam Kulkarni
    Sensor and Wireless Networks, Distributed Systems and Data Management. Developing networking solutions and building systems for locally-relevant problems.
  29. Sunita Sarawagi
    Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data warehousing, Database Management System
  30. Sridhar Iyer
    Mobile Computing, Distributed Systems, Educational Software
  31. Bernard L. Menezes
    Network and Data Security, Forecasting, Smart E-Business and Supply Chain Management.
  32. Deepak B. Phatak
    Distributed Client Server Information Systems, Software Engineering, IT planning & Management, Distance Education.
  33. Kavi Arya
    Functional Programming Applications (Domain Specific Languages), Embedded Systems/ Parallel Programming Languages, Distance Learning.

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