Former Faculty

Former Faculty:

(Mrs.) S.Y. Bapat

Srinivas Aluru alurucseiitbacinUpdate
Research Interests: Parallel algorithms and applications, bioinformatics and systems biology, combinatories scientific computing, applied algorithms
Office: Kanwal Rekhi Building
Phone Extension: 7907

Arunkumar S
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Parallel Algorithms

Moreshwar R Bhujade mrbcseiitbacinUpdate
Research Interests: Hardware verification, Neural networks

M. Deshpande U. mudeshitiitbacinUpdate
Research Interests: Electrical Power Energy Systems

Dhananjay Madhav Dhamdhere dmdcseiitbacinUpdate
Research Interests: Distributed Algorithms, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Optimizing Compilers
Office: Room no. 320, 3rd floor, New CSE/CC Building
Phone Extension: 7724

Paul Gastin gastincseiitbacinUpdate
Office: Room no. CS 308, 3rd floor, New CSE/CC building
Phone Extension: 7739

Isaac J.R.

Saketha Nath J. sakethcseiitbacinUpdate
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Convex Optimization, some applications of machine learning
Office: SI-A306, Kanwal Rekhi Building
Phone Extension: 7903

Amey Karkare karkarecseiitbacinUpdate
Research Interests: Compilers, Data Flow Analysis, Heap Analysis
Office: Room no. 216, 2nd floor, New CSE/CC building
Phone Extension: 7733

Kekre H.B.

Kumar R.D.
Research Interests: Operating Systems, Programming, Data processing

Mehndiratta S.L.

Mulmuley Ketan
Research Interests: Algorithms and Complexity

Gopalakrishnaswamy Nagaraja gncseiitbacinUpdate
Research Interests: Machine Intelligence, Pattern Recognition,
Office: Room no. SIA - 214, Kanwal Rekhi Building
Phone Extension: 7713

Raju Rangaswamy rajucseiitbacinUpdate
Office: SAI-203
Phone Extension: 7713

S.S.S.P. Rao sssprcseiitbacinUpdate
Research Interests: VLSI Design, Digital System Design, Advanced Computer Architectures

Anirudha Sahoo sahooitiitbacinUpdate
Research Interests: Computer networks, Voice routing, QoS in networks, wireless networks, wireless sensor networks, WiMax
Office: Room no. SIA-218, Kanwal Rekhi Building
Phone Extension: 7981

Sriram Srinivasan ssriramcseiitbacinUpdate
Office: Room no. SIA-203
Phone Extension: 7713

Ashutosh Trivedi trivedicseiitbacinUpdate
Research Interests: Formal Methods in Verification and Synthesis, Cyber-Physical Systems,
Office: Room no. SIA-108, Kanwal Rekhi Building
Phone Extension: 7915

Former Adjunct Faculty:

Former Visiting Faculty:

Magda El Zarki magdacseiitbacinUpdate

Alan Mycroft amcseiitbacinUpdate
Office: Room no. CS308, 3rd floor, New CSE/CC bldg

Kolin Paul kolincseiitbacinUpdate

R. Rama ramarcseiitbacinUpdate


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