CSE Department, IIT Bombay, Annual Report 2003-2004.


In the academic year 2003-2004, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) continued maintaining its leadership among peer institutions of its kind. With 25 faculty on its roll, CSE continued to have the largest faculty strength.

The department also attracted researchers world wide. Prof. Jordi Cortadella from the Technical University of Catalunya,Barcelona and Prof. Piyush Maheshwari, University of New South Wales spent portions of their time at either institute to spend semesters at the other.the CSE department.

The department has forged a new collaboration this year with IISC, Bangalore, which will allow the students in the post-graduate programs from either institute to spend semesters at the other.

Faculty members were instrumental in organizing significant research conferences this year. Prof. Milind Sohoni was the chair of the organizing committee of the conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science, held here at IIT Bombay, Prof. Sharat Chandran was the program chair of the Workshop on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing, held in Gwalior, Prof. R. K. Joshi was chair of the Fifth National Conference on Object Oriented Technology held in Lonere, and Prof. S. Chakrborty was Tutorial Co-Chair in the 17th International Conference on VLSI Design, held in Mumbai. The CSE department also organized the Asia Regional competition which saw about 100+ colleges in the country and elsewhere attending the event.

The faculty members continued to make significant contribution to their areas of research - there were over 70 publications in national and international conferences and journals. Additionally, the faculty received new or continued funding for sponsored research from government agencies such as MHRD, DRDO, BRNS as well as corporations such as TCS, NEC, IBM and Microsoft.

The locally relevant contributions by our faculty members met with much recognition this year, with reports in the city's leading newspapers and on television on the Mumbai Navigator software (Prof. Abhiram Ranade), and a television and a newspaper report on Center for Indian Language Technologies (Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharya).

Our student team comprising of Varun Kacholia, Navneet Loiwal, Vaibhav Mehta) won the ACM Asia ICPC-Kolkata Roorkee Site Contest in October 2003.

Academic Programs

The department admitted 41 students in the B.Tech program, 61 students in the M.Tech program, 13 students for the Ph.D program and 19 students for the Dual Degree program. Degrees were awarded to 45 B.Tech students, 37 M Tech students, 1 MS student. The department continued to receive attractive fellowships for its B.Tech, M.Tech, and Ph.D programs from the industry with 1 B.Tech and 2 M.Tech fellowships from MISYS, 3 Ph.D. fellowships from Infosys, and 2 M.Tech 1 Dual Degree fellowships from VijayVashee and 2 Dual Degree from Vincent Fernandes donation.

Continuing Education Programmes

"Geometry Concepts" from 15.1.2003 to 19.1.2003.

"Multimedia Systems (IT-602) from 7.1.2003 to 7.5.2003.

"Embedded Systems (IT-606) from 8.1.2003 to 8.5.2003.

"Database Fundamentals course" from 19.5.2003 to 23.5.2003.

"Certification course on Advanced Programming from 11.6.2003 to 21.6.2003

"Client/Server Technologies and Database programming from 27.6.2003 to 10.7.2003.

"Compiler Construction" from 18.12.2003 to 30.12.2003.

"Geometry Concepts" from 28.12.2003 to 30.12.2003.

"Getting started with GNU Compiler collection (GCC)" from 16.1.2004.

Sponsored Research Projects

Ongoing Projects      29
New Projects           5
Faculty involved      21

Outlay of new projects Rs.2,13,00,000/- appoximately
Details of New Sponsored Research Projects initiated in 2003-2004

  1. Scheme of R & D Methodology and Tools for Automated Performance Analysis of Distributed Systems,Sponsored by:MHRD.
  2. Low Power Analysis & Implementation in an ASIC,Sponsored by:Conexant Systems India Pvt.Ltd.
  3. Scheme of Modrob- Animated Avatar Experiments : Modern under Graduate Laboratory in Computer Graphics.,Sponsored by:MHRD.
  4. Framework for National Enterpreneurs Support Programme for IT at Premier Institutes.Sponsored by:Ministry of Information Technology & Communication.
  5. Development Gateway Foundation ICT Research and Training Centre,India.
Ongoing Projects
  1. Programming Dynamical Real Time systems,Sponsored by:U.S. Army Research Laboratory and US-IF.
  2. Centre for Formal Design and Verification of Software Sponsored by:BRNS.
  3. Test Case Generation for Distributed Systems,Sponsored by:Tata Consultancy Services (TRDDC).
  4. Large-scale statistical analysis of the Web graph, Sponsored by:NEC Research.
  5. Intelligent Internet Research, Sponsored by:Tata Consultancy Services.
  6. Technology Development in Indian Languages,Sponsored by:Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.
  7. A Service-Oriented Architecture for Anonymous Remote Computing on Internet,Sponsored by:Microsoft (Indo-US Collaboration).
  8. Reengineering of Procedural Code to Object Oriented Code, Sponsored by:Tata Infotech, MTech.
  9. Compiler Certification (Trusted Translation System),Sponsored by:CFDVS, BRNS.
  10. Development of A Scheduler/Simulator for Line Capacity Optimization.
  11. Ministry of Resources Centre for Indian Language Technology Solutions Marathi & Konkani, Sponsored by: Ministry of IT.
  12. Special ManPower Development in VLSI.
  13. Multimedia,Sponsored by:CDRG.
  14. VLSI Design Lab,Sponsored by:Intel Corporation.
  15. CAD Tools for VLSI Lab,Sponsored by:Nevis,Pune.
  16. M.Tech Project, Bio-Informatics, Sponsored by:Tata Infotech.
  17. Partial redundancy elemination, Sponsored by:Indo-US Collaboration.
  18. Parallel Extensions for C for UMS architecture - I & II.
  19. 2 MTech projects sponsored by: M/s Tata Research Development & Design Centre,Pune.
  20. Faculty Partnership Award, Sponsored by:Indo-US Collaboration.
  21. Centre in Excellence in Intelligent Internets, Sponsored by:TCS.
  22. M.Tech Project, Sponsored by:TCS Ltd.
  23. M.Tech Project, Associative Learning by Tata Infotech Ltd.Mumbai, Sponsored by:TIL.
  24. M.Tech sponsored Project, Data Mining Techniques for infusion Detection by Tata Infotech Ltd. Mumbai, Sponsored by:TIL.
  25. Special Manpower development for VLSI design and related software, Sponsored by:DOE.
  26. Mumbai Navigator Extension, MTech Project, Sponsored by:TIL.
  27. Java parser - MTech project, Sponsored by:TIL.
  28. Java Compilation issue, Sponsored by:Intel USA.
  29. Programming dynamics of realtime systems (IST-TIFR-98), Sponsored by:Indo-US.
Consultancy Projects
No. of Jobs                 16
No.of faculty involved       6

Income generated = Rs.86,26,547/-
  1. Automatic Test Vector Generation for EPLDs and FPGAs(Ongoing),Sponsored by:VSSC, Trivandrum.
  2. Curriculum Development on Introduction to Microprocessors and Advanced Microprocessors ,Sponsored by:Intel, Bangalore.(completed)
  3. FPGA/ASIC Development for PCI Bus Interface, VME Bus Interface, IEEE-488 Bus interface and 8051/8751 core (Ongoing),Sponsored by:BARC.
  4. Consultancy for DataBlitz Main-Memory Database(Ongoing),Sponsored by:Mascon Technologies Ltd.
  5. Formal Verification of FDIL Onboard Software and Feasibility Study for Application of Formal Methods for Onboard Software Verification ,Sponsored by:VSSC Trivandrum.
  6. Formal Verification of Get-U-Home Panel Software,Sponsored by:ADA Bangalore.
  7. Security Infrastructure(Ongoing),Sponsored by:Union Bank of India.
  8. Computerisation of urban banks department,Sponsored by:Reserve Bank of India.
  9. Advice on Core Banking(Ongoing),Sponsored by:Oriental Bank of Commerce.
  10. eCommerce catalog mining and information extraction,Sponsored by:Zycus Infotech.
  11. Open Source Focused Crawler,Sponsored by:University of California,
  12. Soumen Chakrabarti.
  13. MINT-BSES (Software LOGRS being refined addressng to logistics)(Ongoing).
  14. Focused crawler and classification architechture (Ongoing),Sponsored by:University California.
  15. Vertical and situated portal construction system(Ongoing),Sponsored by:Rediff.com.
  16. Personalized search (Ongoing),Sponsored by:GE Corporation.
  17. Hypertext mining and question answering(Ongoing),Sponsored by:IBM Research, NEC Research.
  18. Verifi. of Flight Sw(Ongoing).
  19. Security Infratstucture for Internet banking(Ongoing).
  20. Networking Infrastructure for Core banking.
  21. Feature Recognition Algorithm.
  22. Review of Application Software and Technologies,Sponsored by:Public Works Department, Maharastra State Government.
  23. Development of IP cores for 8031, IEEE 488, PCI, USB and I2C(Ongoing),Sponsored by:Anurag, DRDO, Hyderabad.
  24. Retainership,Sponsored by:Xilinx-CMC India Development Centre, Hyderabad.
  25. Testing FPGAs,Sponsored by:VSSC Trivandrum.
  26. Sizing Methodology for Wireless LANs,Sponsored by:Tata Infotech Limited.


Books                                           1
Chapters in Book                                1
International Journal Papers                   24
International Conference/Proceedings papers    50
National conference papers                     14
Books Published in the year 2003-2004.
  1. REAL TIME PROGRAMMING: LANGUAGES, SPECIFICATION AND VERIFICATION by R K Shyamasundar (Computer Science Group, TIFR, Bombay) & S Ramesh (Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT, Bombay). 2004. World Scientific.
Book Chapters Published in the year 2003-2004.
  1. Krithi Ramamritham, Subhasri Duttagupta, Anirudha Joshi, Gaurav Mathur, Tushar Vilankar, An Interface-Driven Approach to Information Provision for Wired and Wirelesss Customers, in Mobile Computing, Hrushikesha Mohanty and Ratan K. Ghosh(ed.), Allied Publishers Limited, 2003, pp 102-109.
Papers Published in International Journals in the year 2003-2004
  1. Ratul Majumdar, Krithi Ramamritham, Xiong M, "Adaptive Location Management in Mobile Environments", Distributed Systems OnLine, IEEE Press.
  2. Jesus Fernandez, Krithi Ramamritham, "Adaptive Dissemination of Data in Asymmetric Communication Environments", (to appear in)ACM Mobile Networks & Applications Journal.
  3. Xiong M, Krithi Ramamritham, "Deriving Deadlines and Periods for Real-Time Update Transactions", (to appear in)IEEE Transactions on Computers.
  4. Debra VanderMeer, Anindya Datta, Kaushik Dutta, Helen Thomas, Krithi Ramamritham, "Proxy-Based Acceleration of Dynamically Generated Content on the World Wide Web: An Approach and Implementation", (to appear in)ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS).
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Conference/workshops/seminars presentation/participation/organization in the year 2003 - 2004
  1. Nagaraja G, Session Chair, Conference on Signal Processing and Intelligent Systems, Bangalore Dec. 2003. Workshop on Grammar Inf., Goaha, Sept.2003. Intl. Conf. on Advances in Pattern Recognition, Kolkatta, Dec.2003.
  2. Sohoni M FSTTCS 2003 (23rd conference on foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science),Location: IIT,Bombay,Mumbai,India, during 15/12/2003 and 17/12/2003.
  3. Uday Khedkar Coordinator, Inter Research Institute Student Seminar in Computer Science 2004(IRISS 04)Dept. of CSE,IITB. During 26/03/2004 and 27/03/2004.
  4. Biswas S ACM ICPC 2003(Asia Regional Site) IIT.Bombay, during 06/12/2003 and 07/12/2003
  5. Sivakumar G SecNet 2003 - Network Security Workshop, Dept of CSE,IIT,Mumbai, during 06/12/2003 and 09/12/2003.
  6. Abhiram Ranade Member of local arrangements committee FSTTCS 2003, IIT Bombay, during 15/12/2003 and 17/12/2003.
  7. Dhamdhere D M Member, Programme committee,Member, Technology Advisory and Review Board of TCS, TRDDC, Pune, March 2004.
  8. Rao S S S P Participant, Intel Asia Academic Forum-2003 Shenzhen, China, during 28/10/2003 and 30/10/2003. Supratik Chakraborty Member of Technical Program Committee, Tutorial Co-chair, Member of Organizing Committee.Co-coordinator of pre-FSTTCS workshop on "Advances in Model Checking". Session Chair, 10th IEEE International Symposium on Advanced Research in Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (Async),Hersonissos, Crete,during 19/04/2004 and 23/04/2004. 17th International Conference on VLSI Design,Mumbai, India, during 05/01/2004 and 09/01/2004. 23rd Conference on "Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science", Mumbai, India, during 14/12/2003 and 17/12/2003. 18th International Conference on VLSI Design, Kolkata, India, during 03/01/2005 and 07/01/2005.
  9. Sharat Chandran Program Chair, WCVGIP, Gwalior, during 21/02/2004 and 22/02/2004. Organizer, FSTTCS 2003,IIT Bombay, during 15/12/2003 and 19/12/2003. Organizer, ACM ICPC, IIT Bombay, during 05/12/2003 and 06/12/2003.
  10. Joshi R K Conference Program Committee Chair,PC member, 2nd Workshop on Software Design and Architecture (SoDA), Bangalore, during 23/01/2004 and 24/01/2004. Co-ordinator, Summer School on Universal Networking Language, CSE Department, IIT Bombay, during 05/04/2003 and 15/04/2003.
  11. Fifth National Conference on Object Oriented Technology (NCOOT 2003),Dr. Babasahed Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere,during 09/08/2003 and 10/08/2003.
  12. Sudarshan S Member of Program Committee, ACM SIGMOD 2004, Paris, during 15/06/2004 and 18/06/2004.Member of Program Committee, VLDB, Toronto, during Sept. 2004.

Invited Talks

Talks by Visitors in the year 2003 - 2004
  • Motion Analysis and Event Capture using Mobile Omni Camera.Tarak Gandhi on 12th May 2004.
  • Wire-Speed Packet Processing using Network Search Engines.Jagadish Kumaran on 10th May 2004.
  • Peer-to-Peer Computing in Heterogeneous Environment,Dr. Piyush Maheshwari on 20th Apr 2004.
  • Vision, Graphics and HCI Research at MERL. Ramesh Raskar on 12th April 2004.
  • The Design of a Billion-User Worldwide Distributed System,Andrew S. Tanenbaum on 21st Jan 2004.
  • Integrated Spatial and Temporal Multiresolution Data Hierarachies R. Daniel Bergeron on 13th Jan 2004.
  • Randomly sampling graph colorings,Tom Hayes on 5th Jan 2004.
  • Expander flows and a sqrt(log n) approximation for sparsest cuts Umesh Vazirani on 5th Jan 2004.
  • Probabilistic Logic-based Characterization of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Vijay V. Raghavan on 22nd Dec 2003.
  • Biometrics, Anil Jain on 19th Dec 2003.
  • Maximizing Realized Revenue in a Web Based Dutch Auction Mukesh Mohania on 13th Nov 2003.
  • Google from the inside, Vibhu Mittal and Lalitesh Katragadda on 7th Nov 2003. Vibhu Mittal and Lalitesh Katragadda on 7th Nov 2003.
  • Cameras and pyschorealism: A twisted perspective. Karan Singh on 31st Oct 2003.
  • Formal modeling of System-on-Chip Communication Architectures. Vijay D'Silva on 27th Oct 2003.
  • Repeating History Beyond ARIES, C.Mohan on 6th Oct 2003.
  • Algorithms for Data Stream Systems, Mayur Datar on 12th Sep 2003.
  • How many disjoint two edge paths must a cubic graph have.Dhruv Mubayi on 8th Aug 2003.
  • eXtreme Programming and Test Driven Development.Assoc. Professor Rick Mugridge on 22nd May 2003.
  • Scalable Walkthrough, Subodh Kumar on 5th May 2003.
  • Virtual Audio via Scientific Computing and Computer Vision.Ramani Duraiswami on 11th Apr 2003.
  • Automatically Tracking Down Bugs in Software Programs.Sudheendra Hangal on 3rd Apr 2003.
  • Learning to bridge Schema Heterogeneity.Jayant Madhavan on 3rd Apr 2003.
  • Information and Media Dissemination: Real-World Challenges and Effective Solutions,Jayanta K. Dey on 1st Apr 2003.
Invited Talks by CSE Faculty in the year 2003 - 2004
  • G. Nagaraja
    On Machine Learning, TRDDC, Pune, March 23-26, 2004.
    On Knowledge Based Neural Networks, Goa Engg. college,Conference on Intelligent Systems, Jan. 2004.
  • Sharat Chandran
    On Recognition of Group of Human Beings in Images with Navigation Strategies,10/09/2003, Seminar Hall.
  • G. Sivakumar
    Campus Network and Bandwidth Management, 11/09/2003,IIM Ahmedabad.
    ACE 2003 Conference (Invited Tutorial on Network Security),12/12/2003, Pune.
  • Supratik Chakraborty
    Reasoning about Synchronization Issues in GALS Systems: A Unified Approach,13/09/2003,Workshop on Formal Methods for GALS Architectures, Pisa, Italy.
  • S. Ramesh
    Series of Lectures(daily June-Aug.2003),University of New Southwales, Sydney.
  • D. M. Dhamdhere
    Eliminatability paths---A versatile basis for partial redundancy elimination,01/11/2003, University of California, Berkeley 03/11/2003,Stanford University.15/11/2003,Microsoft Research, Redmond.
  • Varsha Apte
    Performance Analysis - A Service-Centric Approach 08/05/2003, Hewlett-Packard, Bangalore, India.
  • Sharat Chandran
    Multimedia Systems, 09/05/2003, VJTI.
    Visual Computing, 23/02/2004, Banaras Hindu University.
    Working with Images, 17/03/2004, CSI Natioanl convenntion (http://ideas.org).
    Global Illumination Revisited,25/03/2004, Max Planck Germany (http://domino.mpi-sb.mpg.de/internet/events.nsf/ShowAG4PresentationsOther)
  • Pushpak Bhattacharya
    Multilingual Information Processing,IIT Kharagpur, during 07/06/2003 and 07/06/2003.
    Indo-Wordnet and Machine Translation, ISI Kolkata, 10/06/2003.

Honorary Work


Editor Board - Distributed & Parallel Database - A International Journal, Kluwer. World wide web0journal Kluwer.,
Reviewer - IEEE Transactions on software Engineering., On Program committees of many international Conferences.,
Member: external National level committee:Simputer Evaluation committee, Ministry of Information Technology,Member - IIT, Kharagpur for faculty,Referee of external Ph.D Thesis _ one from Mumbai University, External Examiner of Ph.D. Thesis - One from IIT Kharagpur.,
Director on Board of the following companies : Union Bank of India, IDBI Infotech Ltd.
Attend "Executive Development Program" at Kellogy School of Mang. USA,(sponsored by IITB).

S.S.S.P. Rao

Editor of IETE Journal,IETE Fellow, Senior Member of IEEE, Member ACM,Life Member of VSI & ISTE & Indian Science congress Association, Senior Member CSI., Sponsorship Industry Forum and Exhibit Chair VLSI 2004, Mumbai.,
Member - Pear Review committee & Anurika Project and Shresta of Expert Member of Research Committee of SNDT, Anurag DRDO Osmania University, Computer Science Dept.,Visitor and Nominee, IIT, Gauhati.
Reviewer a Project Proposal submitted under SERC scheme from IIT, KGP. Reviewer Embedded Systems Manuscript of a book to be published by TATA Mc Graw Hill.
Coordinator IEEE Distinguished Visitors Program (India).,
Advisor for the First Intel India Student Research Contest held at Bangalore from 3rd to 4th May 2004. Two students were declared 2nd runner-up in this event.,
Honorary Member of the Global FPGA Technical Advisory Board, ST Microelectronics Ltd,Switzerland.,
Adjunct Professor at VES Institute of Technology, Mumbai since 2003.,
Member, Board of Directors, Aftek Infosys Pvt. Ltd., since 2003.,
Visitor's Nominee on the Selection Committee for the post of Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Guwahati for a period of 5 years w.e.f 22.3.2004.,
Member on the Subject Board in Computer Engineering and Information Technology, Pune. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Pune since March 2004.,
Honorary Member of the Advisory Board of Global Research Education and Training (GREAT) Foundation, Pune.
Member of Panel of Experts of the J.N. Tata Endowment for selecting J.N.Tata Scholars.,
Convenor of the Interim Committee who will monitor the functioning and acitivity of VLSI lab. of Execellence at IIT Bombay.,
Member of Advisor Board of Research Foundation of D.A.V.Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kabir Nagar, Jalandhar.,
Member of Panel of Experts of the J.N. Tata Endowment for selecting J.N.Tata Scholars.,
Reviewer of Paper in the Microelectronics Engineering Journal, Special Issue on VLSI Design and Testing.

G. Sivakumar

International : ACM Computing Reviews National Professional: Indian Association in Sciences((IARCS),IETE. On Prog. committee of FST&TCS 2003 and CIT 2003,Organizer ACM-PCPC Prog. Contest in Dec.2003.,
Member - HRD Initiative for HRD - IT,
Refree of external - 1(IIT,Rourkee),
Visited DRDL Hyderabad for Advising on Networking in July 2003.Visited IIT Delhi to give a talk Electronic Thesis nad Dessertation for INDEST, Oct.2003.
Invited Lecture in Secnet 2003, workshop IIT,Bombay,Dec.2003.

Krithi Ramamritham

Editorial Boards: Real-Time Systems, since 1987.
WORLD WIDE WEB: Internet and Web Information Systems, A Kluwer Journal, since Jan 2003.
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, since June 2002. IEEE Internet Computing, since May 2002. The VLDB Journal, since May 2002.
Company/Institution Boards: Persistent Systems Private Ltd (PSPL) TRDDC (technical Activities Board) VLDB Endowment IIIT Hyderabad
Steering Committees: DASFAA Conference Program Committees of numerous CS conferences,
Invited Talks in many National/International conferences/workshops.

Varsha Apte

Reviewed papers for IEEE Journal on Systems, Man & Cybernetics and for IISc journal.


Experts Panel for C-DAC/NCST, J.N. Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians, SNDT University. On Panel for AICTE accredition.

S. Biswas

AICTE committee for CSE Syllabus. IIT Kanpur/Kharagpur and Engg. Colleges around Mumbai.
Conducted ICPC,ACM,Intercollegiate Programs contest at IIT,Bombay in Dec.2003. A.A.Diwan

Reviewer for J. of Graph Theory,Referee for one thesis submitted to Mumbai University from TIFR,
Participated in problem setting for the ACM Inter-Collegiate programming Contest.

G. Nagaraja

Expert, AICTE Committees to evaluate graduate programmes of study in Engineering and Professional Colleges in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Feb. & Mar. 2004. J.IETE, ICGI Conf., KBCs Conference.,
Member Selection Committee - Mumbai University,
Referee of external Ph D Theses - IISc Bangalore,
External examiner of Ph.D Thesis - IISc Bangalore,
Convener, Institute Library Committee.

S. Ramesh

Reviewer of IEEE Trans. on Software Engg.,Reviewer of Software Prectice & Experience.,
Member of the IFAC Technical Committee on Distributed Computer Control.,
Organized national school workshop on Formal Verification.,
Series of Lectures in Univ. of Southwales,Sydney daily June-Aug.2003.,Series of Lectures at Texas Instruments,Bangalore.,
Member - AICTE, NBA.,
Refree on Ph.D. thesis from IIT KGP.,Referee on MS thesis from IIT,Delhi.,
On the program committee of IEEE conference on VLSI Design jan 2004.,
Visiting Research Fellow, National Information and Communication Technology Australia (NICTA), May - July 2003.

Abhiram Ranade

Member of Organizing Committee FSTTCS,2003.,
Member of Scientific Computer panel, Naval Research Board.,
Member selection committee,IIT Kanpur (dept of CSE).

Sharat Chandran

Reviewer of several international conferences,
GATE organizer.


Guide for two students(B.E), Groups from Mumbai University for their projectg on powerline commnication., Vivek (Jnl. in Artificial Intelligence.,Sigma Xi, Life Member.

Supratik Chakraborty

Reviewed papers for Async 2004, VLSI Design 2004, FSTTCS 2003, IEEE Transactions on CAD, ACM Transactions on Embedded Systems, Journal of Formal Methods in System Design.,
Internal Ph.D. examiner of Bharat Adsul, IIT Bombay.,External Ph.D. examiner of Marco Pena, Technical University of Catalunya, Barcelona.

Soumen Chakrabarti

Program committee member for ICDE 2004, WWW 2004, SIGIR 2004, KDD 2004, VLDB 2004.
Guest editor for IEEE TKDE.
Area Editor for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Journal.
ACM SIGKDD Curriculum Committee Member.

Faculty and their Specializations

  1. .S.Biswas
    Programming Languages, Compiler Optimization, Parallelizing Compilers.
  2. A.A.Diwan
    Algorithms, Graph Theory, Combinatorics.
  3. Amitabha Sanyal
    Programming Languages.
  4. Abhiram Ranade
  5. D.M.Dhamdhere
    Optimizing Compilers, Language Processing tools, Operating systems, Distributed Systems.
  6. G.Nagaraja
    Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Knowledge based systems
  7. G.Sivakumar
    Automated Reasoning, Formal Methods, Networks
  8. Krithi Ramamritham
    Databases, Embedded and Real-time systems, Internet and the Web
  9. Ketan Mulmumey
    Complexity theory, Geometric algorithms, Parallel algorithms.
  10. M.R.Bhujade
    Computer Architecture, Parallel and distributed Processing, Design automation of Logic, Neural Networks and Applications.
  11. Milind Sohoni
    Algebraic and Geometric Analysis, Computer-Aided Geometric Design, Distributed Computing
  12. N.L.Sarda
    Database Systems, Software Engineering, Information Systems
  13. Pushpak Bhattacharyya
    Natural Language Processing , Machine Learning , Neural Networks.
  14. R.D.Kumar
    Operating Systems, Performance Evaluation, Programming.
  15. R.K.Joshi
    Object Oriented Systems, SoftwareArchitectures, Distributed Systems.
  16. S.Arunkumar
    Reliable Computing, Networks and Systems.
  17. S.Ramesh
    Formal Specification and Verification ,Real Time embedded Systems , Software Engineering, Distributed Systems
  18. Sharat Chandran
    Computer Graphics , Computer Vision, Images, Geometry, Multimedia, Data Structures.
  19. Soumen Chakrabarti
    Hypertext and Semi-Structured databases and data mining , Hypermedia protocols for the Internet.
  20. S.S.S.P.Rao
    Computer Architecture, VLSI Design, Reconfigurable Computing, Embedded Systems, Microprocessors and Interfaces
  21. S.Sudarshan
  22. Supratik Chakraborty
    Formal methods for verification and analysis, Asynchronous systems
  23. Sundar Vishwanathan
  24. Uday Khedkar
    Programming Languages, Language Processing, Compilers.
  25. Varsha Apte
    Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems and Networks.

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