CSE Department, IIT Bombay, Annual Report 2000-2001


The year 2000--2001 has been a successful year for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. The strength of our academic programs continue to be among the best in the country, and our research groups continue to enjoy international visibility. Funding from Government and industrial sources have grown. Major events this year include the setting up of the Centre for Formal Design and Verification funded by BARC/DAE, the founding of the Laboratory for Intelligent Internet Research with funding from TCS, and the founding of the Resource Centre for Indian Language Technology Solutions. The department continued its commitment in the dimensions of research, development and training.

Academic programs

The department offers an undergraduate B.Tech. program, an M.Tech. program, an M.S. program, and a PhD program. The M.Tech. is a second level and flexible program in CSE. It permits a student to specialize in areas such as theoretical Computer Science, algorithms, combinatorics, programming languages, databases, data mining, machine intelligence, networks, hypertext information retrieval, architecture, parallel computing, distributed computing, graphics and object oriented systems. The department admitted 33 students in the B.Tech. program, 79 students in the M.Tech. program, 7 students for the PhD program and 10 students for the new Dual Degree program. The department continued to receive attractive fellowships for its B.Tech and PhD programs from industry sponsors with 1 PhD and 2 B.Tech fellowships from MISYS, 1 PhD fellowship from Infosys and 2 B.Tech fellowships for 2nd year UG from MISYS.

Program		Joined	Graduated   
B.Tech		33		38	
M.Tech		79		51		
Dual degree	10			
PhD		7		4

Sponsored research projects

Ongoing projects		29	
New projects			 4
Completed project		 7
Faculty involved		 16
Outlay Of new projects		 over Rs.2,27,57,000 

Projects initiated in 2000--2001
  Konkani  by Ministry of IT.  Faculty Involved: Pushpak Bhattachara.
  Fund sanctioned : Rs.98,90,000

 Development of Web Based Learning Material uner SSS Project
  by Department of Electronics(DOE). Faculty involved: S.S.S.P.Rao
  Fund Sanctioned: Rs.8,00,000

 Development of Digital Systems Using Reconfigurable Computing Technology
  by Ministry Of Human Resource  Development(MHRD). Faculty Involved:  
  S.S.S.P.Rao   Fund Sanctioned: Rs.8,00,000

Laboratory for Intelligent Internet Research
  by Tata Cunsultancy Services (TCS). Faculty involved: 
Pushpak Bhattacharyya.
Fund sanctioned: Rs.2,00,00,000

Ongoing projects

Parallel database for Anupam by BRNS. Faculty involved: S.S.S.P.Rao. Fund sanctioned: Rs.8,08,200 Development of integrated authoring environment for LCA by ADA. Faculty involved: D.B.Phatak . Fund Sanctioned : Rs.32,90,000 New Methodologies tools Support testing by AICTE. Faculty involved: S.L.Mehindiratta. Fund Sanctioned: Rs.7,00,000 Career awards for young teachers by AICTE. Faculty Involved : Sharat Chandran . Fund Sanctioned: Rs.6,50,000 Self sustainability scheme by DOE. Faculty Involved : S.S.S.P.Rao Fund Sanctioned : Rs.1,00,000 Universal Networking Language by UN University Japan . Faculty involved: Pushpak Bhattacharyya. Fund sanctioned: Rs.2,69,721 Incentive scheme for AICTE career awards by IRCC. Faculty Involved : Sharat Chandran. Fund Sanctioned: Rs.2,00,000 Special manpower development for VLSI design and related software by DOE. Faculty Involved: S.S.S.P.Rao . Fund Sanctioned : Rs.11,25,000 Efficiently querying data warehousing and data marts by DST. Faculty involved: Krithi Ramamritham. Fund Sanctioned: Rs.10,71,800 Intelligent agents technology and aplications; Issues in data warehouse design M.Tech project by TCS. Faculty involved: N.L.Sarda. Fund sanctioned: Rs.2,00,000 Faculty Involved: M.A.Sohoni. Fund Sanctioned : Rs.50,000 Network Security - M.Tech project by TIL. Faculty Involved: G.Sivakumar. Fund Sanctioned: Rs.50,000 Java parser - M.Tech project by TIL. Faculty Involved : Amitabha Sanyal. Fund Sanctioned : Rs.50,000 Intelligent caching/pre-fetching on web - M.Tech project by TIL. Faculty Involved: S.Sudarshan. Fund Sanctioned: Rs.50,000 Sponsored research funding---project on database warehousing by IBM. Faculty Involved : Krithi Ramamritham. Fund Sanctioned : Rs.4,00,000 Java compilation issue by Intel USA. Faculty Involved: D.M.Dhamdhere. Fund Sanctioned: Rs.4,00,000 Programming dynamics real-time systems (IST-TIFR-98) by Indo-US. Faculty involved: S.Ramesh. Fund Sanctioned : Rs.6,10,725

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Completed/continued projects

Parallel file system on a networked Intel workstation By BRNS. Faculty Involved: S.S.S.P.Rao, Fund Sanctioned : Rs.16,39,300 Development of Training Resource Data Base Software by ADA. Faculty Involved: D.B.Phatak, Fund Sanctioned : Rs.24,72,500 Centre for Formal Design and Verification of Software by BRNS Faculty involved: S.Ramesh. Fund Sanctioned: Rs.3,07,00,000 Web Personalization based on User Activity sponsored by M/S Tata Infotech Research Group . Faculty Involved: Soumen Chakrabarti, Fund Sanctioned : Rs.10,500

Sponsored student projects and fellowships

M.Tech Sponsored Project by TCS . Faculty Involved : N.L.Sarda Fund Sanctioned : Rs.1,40,000 M.Tech Sponsored Project by TCS. Faculty Involved : R.K.Joshi Fund Sanctioned : Rs.70,000 D.E.Shaw Felloship by D.E.Shaw. Faculty Involved: D.M.Dhamdhere Fund Sanctioned : Rs.57,000 4 M.Tech students sponsored project by TIL . Faculty Involved: Amitabha Sanyal. Fund Sanctioned : Rs.2,00,000 M.Tech Sponsored Project "Policy Based Networking" by RIMO. Faculty Involved: S.S.S.P.Rao, Fund Sanctioned : Rs.50,000 B.Tech Sponsored Project "Policy-based Networking" by RIMO. Faculty Involved: S.S.S.P.Rao, Fund Sanctioned : Rs.10,000 M.Tech Sponsored Project "Associative Learning" by Tata Infotech Ltd.,Mumbai. Faculty Involved: G.Nagaraja, Fund Sanctioned : Rs.50,000 M.Tech Sponsored Project "Java Slicing" by Tata Infotech Ltd., Mumbai. Faculty Involved: Amitabha Sanyal, Fund Sanctioned: Rs.50,000 M.Tech Sponsored Project "Train Timetabling" by Tata Infotech Ltd.,Mumbai. Faculty Involved: M.A.Sohoni , Fund Sanctioned : Rs.50,000 M.Tech Sponsored Project "Data Mining Techniques for Intrusion Detection" By Tata Infotech Ltd., Mumbai. Faculty Involved : Soumen Chakrabarti, Fund Sanctioned : Rs.50,000

Continuing Education Program (CEP)

The department offered 6 CEP courses in various specialized topics and the funds Collected through CEP and training programs exceed Rs.6,68,000/. Network Security for UBEST, Kolkata, May 23--24, 2000. Object Oriented Programming for WiNet Technology Services India Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai, September 7--10, 2000. OOAD for ORIGIN Information (India) Ltd., Mumbai, September 22--23, 2000. OOAD for ORIGIN Information (India) Ltd.,Mumbai, December 21--22, 2000. UNIX Internals and C++ Programming for IDBI Intech Ltd., Navi Mumbai, 10 days in March 2001. Advanced Programming for IIT Students from January to March 2001.

Instruction Enhancement Program (IEP)

In addition to the CEPs and open programs, many Instruction Enhancement Programs (IEPs) were also offered. System Administration, Networking, Internet PC Maintenance, May 15--27, 2000. Internet Applications E-Commerce, July 17-28, 2000. Data Warehousing Data Mining, July 31--August 4, 2000. Internet Security, August 7--11, 2000.

Publications Publications - Books and book chapters

Sharat Chandran and Yatin Kulkarni and Partho Nath, Transformations for Animation, Recent Advances in Computer Graphics, Vision and Image Processing, pages 254--261, 2000, Edited by C. Jawahar and J. Mukherjee and P. Narayanan and R. Nevatia. Allied Publishers Limited, isbn=81-7764-107-7 Sharat Chandran and Ajay Gupta and Ashwini Patgawkar, A Fast Algorithm to Display Octrees Recent Advances in Computer Graphics, Vision and Image Processing, pages 240--247, 2000, Edited by C. Jawahar and J. Mukherjee and P. Narayanan and R. Nevatia. Allied Publishers Limited, isbn=81-7764

Publications - International journals

R. K. Shyamasundar and S. Ramesh, Languages for Asynchronoy and Synchrony, Int. Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, June 2000. S. Chakraborty, R. L.Cruz, A Self-Timed Real-Time Sorting Network IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems Volume- 8,number-3,pages 356-363, Jun 2000

International conferences

Abhiram G. Ranade. Towards an Internet Based Text book for Standard X Mathematics, International Conference on Science, Technology,Mathematics Education (ICSTME 2001), Feb 2001 Abhiram Ranade and Sonal Sancheti and Raghavendra Udupa, Register Efficient Mergesorting, HiPC 2000, Dec 2000 Mayur Datar and Abhiram Ranade. Commuting with Delay Prone Buses, SODA 2000, Jan 2000. Milind Sohoni, Madhavan Mukund, K. Narayan Kumar. Synthesizing Distributed Finite-State Systems from MSCs, CONCUR 2000. Milind Sohoni, Bharat Adsul, Aranyak Mehta, Keeping Track of the Latest Gossip in Shared Memory Systems, FSTTCS 2000. Pushpak Bhattacharyya, V. Sindhwani, S. Rakshit. Information Theoretic Feature Crediting in Multiclass Support Vector Machines, SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, Chicago, USA, April, 2001. P. Bhattacharyya. Extending the Applicability of Universal Networking Language to Hypertext Information Processing, Fifth Universal Networking Language Symposium, Geneva, Dec, 2000. Rayner D'Souza, G.Shivakumar, D.Swathi, P. Bhattacharyya. Natural Language Generation from Semantic Net like Structures with Application to Hindi, International Symposium on Translation Support Systems, IIT Kanpur, India, February, 2001. S.Jha, D. Narayan, P. Pande, P. Bhattacharyya. A WordNet for Hindi, International Workshop on Lexical Resources in Natural Language Processing, Hyderabad, India, January, 2001. P. Bhattacharyya, Kumarvel Senniappan. Automatic Generation of Hyperlinks using Semantic Information, International Conference on Information Technology (CIT 2000), Bhubaneshwar, India, December, 2000. P. Bhattacharyya, Emad A. Fahdel. Ability of Neural Network for Off-line Signature Verification, International Conference on Knowledge Based Computer Systems (KBCS 2000), Mumbai, India, December, 2000. P. Bhattacharyya, Monju M., Shilpa T., Smitha D., Leena G., Shachi D.. Knowledge Extraction from Hindi Documents, International Conference on Knowledge Based Computer Systems (KBCS 2000), Mumbai, India, December, 2000. Sharat Chandran and N. Kiran and S. Mudur and N. Dalvi. Anti-Aliased Hemicubes For Performance Improvement In Radiosity Solutions, Ninth International Conference on Computer Graphics Visualization and Comptuer Vision, February 5-9 2001, url:http://wscg.zcu.cz/wscg2001/wscg2001.htm ISBN=80-7082-712-4 S. Chandran and N. Kiran and M. S.Phani and Chetan Rai, Anti-Aliased Hemicubes For Radiosity, Third International Conference on Computer Graphics and Imaging, November 19-24 2000. S.L.Mehndiratta and H.N. Aravind. Conference \verb|IITB_View|: A Network Management System Using Mobile Agents, 2nd Workshop on Active Middleware Services jointly held with the 9th IEEE HPDC Symposium in August 2000 at Pittsburgh, USA. S.L. Mehndiratta and M. Karthik. Conference Impact Of Base Station Buffering On TCP Performance, SCI2001/ISAS2001 to be held from July 19-25 at Orlando, USA. S.Ramesh , P. Roop, A. Sowmya. A Formal Approach to Component Based Development of Synchronous Programs, Proceedings of ASP-DAC 2001, IEEE Press, February 2001. S. Ramesh. Refinement and Efficient Verification of Synchronous, Programs,IFAC Workshop on Distributed Computer Control Systems, Pergamon Press, December 2000. S. Ramesh and M. Gowri Nanda. Slicing Concurrent Programs, Proceedings ACM SIGSOFT International Conference on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA 2000), ACM Press, August 2000. Sundar Vishwanathan and Jaikumar Radhakrishnan, Pranab Sen. Depth-3 Arithmetic Circuits for $S_n^2(n)$ and extensions of the Graham-Pollack theorem, 20th Conference on FSTTCS 2000: 176-187. Supratik Chakraborty and R. Murgai. Complexity of Minimum-delay Gate Resizing International Conference on VLSI Design Jan 2001. S. Chakraborty, R. Carragher, R. Murgai, M. R. Prasad, A. Srivastava, N. Vemuri. Layout-driven Logic Optimization International Workshop on Logic Synthesis Jun 2000. Soumen Chakrabarti and Yusuf Batterywala. Mining themes from bookmarks. In ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Text Mining, Boston, August 2000. Soumen Chakrabarti. Data mining for hypertext: A tutorial survey. ACM SIGKDD Explorations, 1(2), pages 1--11, 2000. Soumen Chakrabarti, Sandeep Srivastava, Mallela Subramanyam and Mitul Tiwari. Using Memex to archive and mine community Web browsing experience. In the 9th International World Wide Web Conference, Amsterdam, May 2000.

Talks and seminars

G. Sivakumar. Talk Policy Based Networking, 3rd International Conference on Information Technology (CIT), Bhuvaneswar, December 2000 (Invited Talk). G. Sivakumar. Internet Security, IETE Symposium, Chennai, Nov 2000, Invited Lecture under IEEE Distinguished Visitor Program Pushpak Bhattacharyya. A Multilingual Information Exchange and Transfer System Based on Universal Networking Language , Indo-UK Workshop on Natural Language Processing, Mumbai, April, 2001. Pushpak Bhattacharyya. Knowledge Extraction from English Documents, University of Chicago, USA, April, 2001. Pushpak Bhattacharyya. Knowledge Extraction from Text Documents for Information Retrieval, TECHNION-Israel Institute of Technology and Hebrew University at Jerusalem, Israel, July, 2000. Pushpak Bhattacharyya. Natural Language Analysis and Generation using UNL, Universal Networking Language Workshop Amman, Jordan, July, 2000. Sharat Chandran. Image Indexing, Invited Colloquium talk. Penn State University, State Collge, September 18, url:http://www.cse.psu.edu/colloquium Sharat Chandran. The XML Alphabet Soup, XML Workshp, IIT Bombay, September 30, url:http://www.cse.iitb.ernet.in/~dbms/Data/Conferences/XMLWorkshop Sharat Chandran. XML Technologies, Equinox, TEC Nerul, October 1, url:http://www.tecnerul.com/equinox/equinox.htm Sharat Chandran. Developing Internet Applications with Servlets and JavaServer Pages, iDevelop, Korea, November 29, url:http://www.idevelop2000.com Sharat Chandran. Component-based Application Development with the Oracle Internet Platform, iDevelop, Korea, November 30, url:http://www.idevelop2000.com Supratik Chakraborty. Self-Timed Sorting Network: A Case Study in Asynchronous Design Electrical Engineering Microelectronics Seminar. IIT Bombay, April 2000. Invited talk. Supratik Chakraborty. BDDs and Hardware Verification. Workshop on Formal Methods in Verification of Safety-Critical Systems. IIT Bombay, Nov 2000. Tutorial Talk. Supratik Chakraborty. Formal and Semi-formal Hardware Verification Invited talk at Texas Instruments (India) Limited, Bangalore. May 2001. (Survey and tutorial talk.) Soumen Chakrabarti. Weaving the Intelligent Web. Invited talk at CSI Mumbai Student Convention eMerge 2000. Soumen Chakrabarti. Hypertext data mining: A tutorial presented at the ACM SIGKDD Conference, Boston, August 2000. url:http://www.acm.org/sigkdd/kdd2000 Soumen Chakrabarti. Nurturing content-based collaborative communities on the Web. Invited talk at the Joint SIGDAT Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Very Large Corpora (EMNLP/VLC), Hong Kong, Oct. 7--8, 2000. url:http://www-csli.stanford.edu/~schuetze/emnlp-vlc2000.html

Professional service

Abhiram G Ranade: Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions of Parallel and Distributed Systems; Program committee Member for FSTTCS 2000; Program committee Member for ISPAN 2000; Program committee Member, HiPC 2000. G.Sivakumar: m Committee Chair, IEEE ACE 2000, Dec 2000; Reviewer, for International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science. N.L.Sarda: Program Committee Member, First International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies (EC-Web 2000), September 4-6, 2000, Greenwich, U.K.; Program Committee Member for Special Sessions on "Mobile Database Technology" as part of 2000 ADBIS-DASFAA Symposium on Advances in Databases and Information Systems, September 5 - 8, 2000, Prague, Czech Republic; Program Committee Member, VLDB 2001; Program Committee Member, 3rd International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery (DaWaK 01) September 5-7, 2001, Munich, Germany; Country Chair (india), THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HUMAN.SOCIETY@INTERNET, July 4-6, 2001, Seoul, Korea; Member, Editoral Board, Distributed and Parallel Databases, An International Journal (Kluwer); Member, editorial board, World Wide Web: Internet and Web Information Systems, Kluwer Academic publishers (from May 2001) url:http://www.wkap.nl/journals/wwwj. Pushpak Bhattacharyya: Member, program committee, ational Conference on nowledge Based Computer Systems, 2000; Member, Departmental Post Graduate Committee; Faculty Advisor, 2nd year B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering. Sharat Chandran: IITB Alumni Association Executive Committee Member; orrection, GATE answers evaluation; Referee: FSTTCS, SIGMOD, ICVGIP. S.L.Mehndiratta: Member, UGC Committee; Member, AICTE Committee; Member, Selection Committee , Universities such as Delhi; Referee, IISC Journal; Examiner, Ph.D. Thesis, IIT Delhi. S.Ramesh: Member, Asia Pacific Design Automation Conferecnce Program Committee 2001. S.Sudarshan: Member, SIGMOD program committee 2000. Supratik Chakraborty: , Technical Program Cmmittee, Asia-South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC), 2001; Session Chair, ASP-DAC 2001; Reviewer for Sadhana, Formal Methods for System Design, International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD) 2001, Asia-South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC) 2001, Knowledge Based Computer Systems (KBCS) 2000, Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science (FSTTCS) 2000; Member, Institute Committee for evaluation of compute server for Computer Center; Co-principal-investigator in Centre for Formal Design and Verificatin of Software (CFDVS); Member, Departmental undergraduate committee (DUGC); Coordinator of CSE Department Seminar series. Soumen Chakrabarti: Program committee member, 9th World Wide Web Conference, Amsterdam, May 2000; Program committee member, ACM SIGIR 2000 Poster Session, Athens, July 2000; ACM SIGMOD workshop on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Dallas, May 2000; Web and Networking Committee, IIT Bombay.

Faculty and their specializations

S. Arunkumar Reliable Computing, Networks and Systems. Pushpak Bhattacharyya Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Neural Networks. S. Biswas Programming Languages, Compiler Optimization, Parallelizing Compilers. M. R. Bhujade Computer Architecture, Parallel and distributed Processing, Design automation of Logic, Neural Networks and Applications. Soumen Chakrabarti ext and semi-structured databases, Information retrieval, data mining. Supratik Chakraborty Formal Methods, Formal Verification, Analysis of asynchronous systems. Sharat Chandran Visualization, Multimedia, Graphics, Vision, Geometry Algorithms, Geographical Information Systems, Medical Imaging, and Robotics. A. A. Diwan Algorithms, Graph Theory, Combinatorics. D. M. Dhamdhere Optimizing Compilers, Language Processing tools, Operating systems, Distributed systems. R. K. Joshi Object Oriented Systems, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems. R. D. Kumar Operating Systems, Performance Evaluation, Programming. S. L. Mehndiratta Networks, Distributed Systems. Ketan Mulmumey Complexity theory, Geometric algorithms, Parallel algorithms. G. Nagaraja Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Knowledge based systems. Krithi Ramamritham Data-based systems, Real-time systems, Distributed systems. S. Ramesh Verification and Validation, Embedded Systems, Distributed Computing, Protocol Engineering. Abhiram Ranade Algorithms. S.S.S.P.Rao Reconfigurable computing, Embedded systems, VLSI Design, System Hardware Design. Amitabha Sanyal Programming Languages. N. L. Sarda Database Systems, Software Engineering, Information Systems. G. Sivakumar Automated Reasoning, Formal Methods, Networks. Milind Sohoni Algebraic and Geometric Analysis, Computer-Aided Geometric Design, Distributed Computing. S.Sudarshan Database systems, query optimization. Sundar Vishwanathan Algorithms.

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