M.Tech.-Student FAQs
Q1. Am I allowed to do outside department courses?
Ans. In the entire program the student must do atleast three courses within the department.

Q2. Are summer internships allowed?
Ans. N. Summer internships in the true sense of the word are not allowed for 2-year M.Tech.students. However, 2-year students may carry out Phase I of their M.Tech. project outside of IIT Bombay, if the work is of collaborative nature, and working at the external site is deemed especially beneficial to the MTP work by the Guide. Thus a letter from the student, with strong recommendation from the Guide must reach the DPGC preferably by March so that the request can be approved in time. The work done during the summer will essentially form the "Phase I report" of the student's MTP. Institute rules apply for TA stipend (essentially, no stipend during time away from IIT Bombay).
"Pure" summer internships are allowed for 3-year M.Tech. students in their first summer, when their RA/PRA supervisor has no objection (approval from head and DPGC if RA, and from supervisor and DPGC if PRA). This period will be treated as a "leave" for the purpose of summer internship.

Q3. Can the Mtech thesis project be done outside the department?
Ans. The main guide for the project must be a faculty member from the CSE department. The offered project may be joint work with a faculty member from another department, who may then serve as co-guide for the project.

Q4. Is it necessary to continue MTP under the seminar guide?
Ans. There is no such compulsion. The seminar and MTP can be completely independent of each other. However some faculty members may prefer that seminar students continue with them for MTP - you are encourage to clarify such things when you meet potential seminar guides.

Q5. Is there any particular office timings of each of the professor, to meet them personally in case of any difficulty in the subject?
Ans. Yes, most professors do have specific office timings. Look at the professor's homepage or the course homepage.

Q6. How can one know what are the projects(Research) that are currently going in CSE dept?
Ans. There are several ways:
  • Attend MTP Phase I and Phase II presentations. This is allowed and very much welcome.
  • Attend Ph.D. students' Annual Progress Seminars.
  • Talk to your seniors.
  • Browse through individual Professor's homepages. This is where the most current research information will be found.
  • Browse the links listed under "Research" in the departmental web-site (which includes a "funded" projects link).

Q7. If I have a good research idea, whom should I meet?
Ans. It is best to meet the faculty working in that area. The faculty homepages give sufficient information regarding their areas of research. If still in doubt, you can ask seniors or your facad.

Q8. Do we have a department library?
Ans. Yes. They are located in K.R. Building Room# abc (1st floor) and in the Old CSE Building Room # (1st floor). For access to the library and open-hours contact the office or the library in-charge or the Library TA.

Q9. How can one find out the past research that has been done by CSE dept?
  • The year-wise publications pages (in the Research menu) give a good idea about past as well as current research.
  • Individual professors homepages

Q10. Where can information regarding seminar reports, MTP projects of previous years' students be found?
Ans. Abstracts of BTP, DDP and MTP theses are available here. There's also a search interface.

Q11. How many UG courses am I allowed to take?
Ans. The mtech rules say
(MR 3.3): All categories of students are allowed to register for a maximum of two UG Courses for the entire programme, limited to a maximum of one course in each semester. These should be from the approved list otherwise they will not be counted towards the programme credits.

Q12. In which all semesters am I allowed to take the institute elective?
Ans. Apart from Communication Skills (HS699) which is taken in the first semester, it is required that one more institute elective is taken. For the 2-year program the elective has to be taken in the II semester and for the 3-year program it can be taken in the II, III or IV semester.

Q13. How to use/login machines in OSL/NSL ?
Ans.To login into any machine in the OSL/NSL lab, you have to use user-id and password that you created on the first day (through the cse-freshie link).

Q14. How to access CSE mail account ?
Ans.You should start checking your CSE mail accounts regularly. For this, go to the CSE department homepage (http://www.cse.iitb.ac.in). There is a webmail login interface in the right-top. Using this, you can login and check your CSE mail account. You should use the same user-id and password that you use to login into the OSL/NSL machine.
You have one more mail account - your IITB mail account. You also should keep checking it regularly. You can do this using this link. Enter your LDAP user name and password i.e. your roll no. as user name and birthdate as password (if you haven't changed the password).

Q16. How to find details about the faculty ?
Ans. You can find the details of faculty on this page. Clicking on the name of faculty will take you to his/her homepage.

Q17. Where to find course page of a particular course ?
Ans.Homepage for a course named xyz can be accessed through http://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~xyz
i.e. http://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~cs101 will take you to cs101 homepage. Once you have registered for any course, you should start checking the homepage of that course regularly. Also, you should join the mailing list for that course. You can ask seniors (possibly, your mentor) about how to do this.
Some of the courses may not have their homepages up yet.

Q18. How to get the information about the seniors ?
Ans. This page lists the name of your seniors. You can go to the homepage of any senior by clicking his/her name. You can mail him/her using the e-mail ids provided on the above mentioned page.
This page also lists areas of interests of your seniors. You can find the ones, who you think, may be helpful to you ;).

Q19. What is "Fundae Session" ?
Ans.Seniors will be taking some fundae session in which, they'll tell you about different courses in detail. This will be after a week or so. Details about this session will be mailed to you.
Till then, you should go through the list of courses being offered and find out the ones, which you think, are interesting. In the first week, you should try to attend lectures of all of them and get details about them.

Q20 . How to use pine/newsgroups ?
Type "pine" (without quotes) on the terminal (This will possibly work in OSL/NSL only).
It will ask for username and then password at the bottom of the screen. Use your CSE username/password.
Follow the instructions given and you can check your CSE account mails from here.
Some commands are shown at the bottom of the screen to help you.

To access new groups though "tin", follow the instructions
On the terminal, type : tin -ag jeeves iitb.* cse
It will show the list of available news groups
Again, there are some commands at the bottom of the screen
Press 's' to subscribe required news groups
Use arrow keys to navigate
Press 'q' to exit the current screen
Keep pressing 'q' to exit out of tin
After you have subscribed to the newsgroup, it will show up as one folder in pine where you can view,post a msg.
cse.* news groups are specific to cse dept. ( like cse.mtech1,cse.btech4,cse.misc )

To access news group through "pine",
type 'pine' and enter your login and password to connect
in folder list, go to ' News-Collection ' folder
type 'a' - it will ask for newsgroup name. Enter partial or full name of a newsgroup
You can type "cse" to get a list of all cse newsgroups
Typing "iitb.*" will display different courses
Similarly for any other newsgroups

At the least, you should subscribe to cse.mtech1 and cse.mtech2 newsgroups. You can post your queries there. Your classmates/seniors/professors can reply.
Yes, professors also are the members of the newsgroups. So, be careful :-)

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