M. Tech @ CSE-IITB - a student's view
The CSE department offers the degree of Master of Technology for Computer Science and Engineering. The students are selected based on the criteria of their GATE scores and sponsorships. More information regarding the admission procedure for M.Tech in CS can be found here. M.Tech here, at IIT-B, has a wholly research-oriented look. Many advanced level courses are offered in different branches of computer science such as networking, compilers, databases and so on. The present scheme allows these courses to be taken in the first three semesters along with an option for auditing courses in all the four semesters. The M. Tech. project which is to be pursued for a duration of one year allows students to get a complete feel of literature survey, research, innovation, design of new systems and implementation of new ideas in a specialized field. The wide array of topics available in our department ensures that all the students get to choose a project in their area of interest.

M.Tech is mostly pursued by students who wish to pursue advanced study in a specific area. The programme offered in our department not only helps students concretize their interests, but also helps in developing a liking for other fields. The courses taught by the distinguished faculty in the department are extremely challenging and intellectually stimulating to undertake. A good part of most of the courses is spent in discussing research papers, which enable the students to become comfortable in reading up research material. Projects provide scope for practical implementation of ideas, while seminars, both informal and formal ones, improve students' presentation skills and confidence. On the whole, there is a rich atmosphere for research in this department, which can be used effectively by students who join the M.Tech programme here. More about IIT Bombay

The academic benefits of joining IIT-B's CSE department are obvious from the distinguished faculty and research environment in the department. But, there is more to it than studies, as listed below.

1. Technical activities
2. Extra activities
3. Placements
4. Life at IIT-B Campus

1. Technical Activities

Apart from the usual array of academic activities, there are various technical workshops which are held round the year in the Institute as well as the department. Some of these, with which the CSE department has direct association are TechFest and SecNet. Conducted and organized mainly from within the department, these programs are attended by students and professionals from all over India.
The students are offered the opportunity of exhibiting their creative ideas by publishing papers in their areas of work. M.Tech projects has led to many successful publications because of the dedicated efforts of the professors and the students. Many prominent conferences have accepted the papers proposed by our department.

2. Extra Activities

There are many fun-oriented activities arranged within the department as well as outside the department. The Freshies' welcome parties, department treks, traditional day functions, farewell parties to seniors and many more enjoyable events are organized within the department for the students and the faculty. These events are meant to bring together the students of various batches and to have a happy atmosphere in the department.

3. Placements

Top companies from all over the world visit the institute for recruiting students. Many software companies with branches in India recruit our students in large numbers and the areas in which they work are also varied. Companies concentrating on database systems, operating systems, application developments, web-oriented software and many more come for on-campus recruitment and a well-defined placement procedure is available for the students to choose and apply for the companies of their choice. M.Tech pass-outs from our CS department are certainly valued anywhere they go and placement in good companies can almost be guaranteed for our students.

4. Life at IIT-B environment

Life at IIT-B has many aspects to its credit. The hills, lakes and greenery all around the campus are not the only things. Hostel life has a charm of its own here. Sports facilities and facilities for learning dance, music abound. There are many institute-wide cultural activities like Dandiya, Diwali celebrations in which all can enjoy. Cultural festivals such as Mood Indigo which attract crowds from all over the country are hosted by IIT-B.

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