Screen sharing is not working in MS Teams [closed]

asked 2021-11-10 12:45:02 +0530

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Hi Team,

Screen sharing is not working in ms teams. When I click on the screen sharing option I am not getting any options like desktop sharing, window sharing options. I am not able to present my screen in the meetings. Can you please look into this issue ASAP?

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can you answer a few questions. Which Operating system you are using ? Are you using in browser application or desktop app?

arnav gravatar image arnav  ( 2021-11-13 11:38:43 +0530 ) edit

I am using Ubuntu 21.04 Operating system. I am using the desktop app.

saikumar gravatar image saikumar  ( 2021-11-18 14:27:14 +0530 ) edit

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 i installed and tried it , when clicking on the open share tray option on the right of mute/unmute i am getting option of desktop in bottom . Can you please confirm what is happening when you are trying the share tray button?

arnav gravatar image arnav  ( 2021-11-18 22:18:03 +0530 ) edit

when I click on the share tray option nothing is displayed (no desktop sharing option, no window sharing option)

saikumar gravatar image saikumar  ( 2021-11-20 09:52:56 +0530 ) edit

That's weird , Please try reinstalling the app once again , and for time being use the browser version while i look for your problem , in the browser are you able to share or there also same issue?

arnav gravatar image arnav  ( 2021-11-23 13:17:12 +0530 ) edit