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My system boots to initframfs after every 2-3 days

asked 2020-08-29 22:38:26 +0530

apoorva gravatar image

I have dual booted may laptop using windows 10 and ubuntu 20.04. After every 2-3 days ubuntu boots to initframs. Then i have to manually run fsck /dev/sda7 (sda7 is partition to which ubuntu is installed). So is there any solution or can i know the reason why am i getting this ?

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-08-30 00:44:52 +0530

sahiljain gravatar image

I am not probably sure but you could seek help from this link
What you're probably supposed to do is pass root=/dev/sdaX as boot parameter to initramfs, where X is the disk partition, 7 in your case. To do the same, edit /proc/cmdline and add this argument after other (BOOT_IMAGE etc) arguments, and I think you'll be good to go!

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