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About Me
I am Aakash Praliya, a final year undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. My major is Computer Science. I have keen interest in Computer Graphics. My interest in Computer Graphics started when I coded my first ray tracer. I implemented features like refraction, shadow rendering and depth of field effect. Also, I contribute to Appleseed, an open source rendering engine. At my institute, I have completed an introductory course on Computer Graphics. I also finished the course Digital Geometry Processing, which dealt with different ways to modify and process 3-D mesh data. Besides Computer Graphics, I have also done two courses on Artificial Intelligence.
Last summer, I interned at Samsung R&D institute. As part of my R&D project ‘Realistic insertion of virtual objects in real world scenes’, I implemented Augmented Reality, using Depth map, Normal map and RGB data of real world scenes. I used optimal techniques like Truncated Signed Distance Field, Spatial Hash Table and adaptive marching cubes for surface reconstruction from Depth images.
Presently, I am doing a Bachelor Thesis Project on Fluid Simulation using Material Point Method. I used OpenVDB to implement a fluid simulator, which used a combination of PIC and FLIP techniques for particle advection. I am familiar with rendering tools like Blender and Houdini. As part of my bachelor project, I used these tools, especially the Python interface, to render the fluid.

Fluid Simulation in OpenVDB
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Ray Tracer
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Edge Sharpener
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Mesh Simplification
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Chain Reaction
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Image Metamorphosis
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Rube Goldberg Machine
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