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Abhinav Kumar

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I am a Music lover, Sports enthusiast and a Computer Scientist (definitely not..!! just kidding 😜)

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About Me

My Philosophy

The biggest risk in life is not setting a goal high & failing at it...but setting a goal small & achieving it.


Qualification School/University Specialization %age/GPA Passing Year
SSC (X th) Sacred Heart Convent School, Sonbhadra, UP - 10 GPA 2011
HSC (XII th) The Awadh School, Lucknow, UP PCM 89.8 % 2013
B.Tech IIT (ISM) Dhanbad Civil Engg. 8.73 GPA 2018
M.Tech IIT Bombay Computer Science & Engg. - 2022

Current Status

Currently pursuing a 3-year M.Tech (RA) in ViGIL (Vision, Graphics & Imaging Laboratory). Click here to know more about the ViGIL lab.

Mentor : Prof. Sharat Chandran

Hobbies & Interests

  1. Sports - helps me being fit. I'm dedicated to improve my game every day.
  2. Singing - I'm a passionate (bathroom) singer & love to sing my heart out to myself. Want to hear me singing..?? Check out my profiles:
  3. I enjoy watching MS Dhoni on the field, setting a new standard of the game. I get mesmerized by the accuracy with which he deflects the ball with his gloves to hit the stumps. I mean, how's he able to calculate the angles so precisely is just AAAWESOOOMEEEE...!!!
  4. Elon Musk is my role model. His life motivates me to dream big, take risks and achieve my goal. His omnipresence in literally every field, whether be it Space Exploration, Sustainable Energy production & comsumption, Underground tunnels (Hyperloop) or diverse fields of material science and designing sparks an excitement within me.