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Abhishek U. Bagade

Cell: 8793858440

I am an energetic and outgoing person who loves to interact with people. I love to trek and cycle and generally enjoy company. Below is a short academic bio of me.


Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay.

Degree: Masters in Technology
Major: Computer Science and Engineering

M.G.M's Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College.

Degree: Bachelors in Engineering
Major: Computer Science and Engineering

Research Interests

Systems and Networks

Data Analysis

Mobile Computing


System Administrator CSE Department - IIT Bombay

  • Experience in handling server and lab infrastructure of Department

Class RepresentativeM.Tech 1 - IIT Bombay

  • Worked with CSEA council to organize various department level events.
  • Organized class activities for co-curricular and extra-curricular development

Technical SecretaryCOMPSA - JNEC, Aurangabad

  • Organized various technical activities and workshops to familiarise students with latest technologies.
Trekking, Cycling ,Running and watching movies
Courses taken
CS 601 - Algorithms
CS 740 - Maths for Visual Computing
CS 695 - Topics in Virtualization and cloud computing:
  • Course Project: API for Inter-VM communication using shared memory Report
  • CS 725 - Foundations in Machine learning:
  • Course Project: Human activity recognition using smartphone sensors Report
  • CS 671 - ICT for Socio-Economic development:
  • Course Project: Vehicle emergency response system using NFC. Report
  • DE 410 - Perspectives on World Cinema (Institute Elective):
  • Movie Diary: Critical reviews of all the movies showed in screening. Diary
  • CS 635 - Web Mining
    CS 753 - Automatic Speech Recognition
    CS 744 - Design and Engineering of Computing Systems
    CS 691 - R&D Project - Memory Augmented Neural Machine translation (under the guidance of Prof. Pushpak bhattacharya)

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