Current Students

Student Name Degree Thesis topic Expected Graduation Date
Preeti Gopal Ph.D. (co-advised with Prof. Sharat Chandran and Prof. Imants Svalbe, Monash) Improving tomographic reconstruction techniques 2018
Nitin Kumar Ph.D. (advised by Prof. Suyash Awate, I am the co-advisor) Outlier Detection Techniques 2018
Jerin Geo James Ph.D. Underwater Image Processing 2020
Pakshal Bohra D.D.P. (co-advised with Prof. Rajbabu Velmurugan) Poisson Compressed Sensing 2018
Himanshu Pandotra D.D.P. (co-advised with Prof. Rajbabu Velmurugan and Karthik Gurumoorthy (ICTS-TIFR)) Compressed sensing with measurement and representation matrix mismatch 2018
Ritwick Chaudhry B. Tech. Tomography under unknown angles 2018

Past Students

Student Name Degree Thesis topic Graduation Date Currently at
Deepak Garg M. Tech. (2 year) Compressed Sensing under Poisson and Poisson-Gaussian Noise using Variants of Variance Stabilizing Transforms July 2017 Samsung Research, Bangalore
Alankar Kotwal D.D.P.(co-advised with Prof. Rajbabu Velmurugan), Undergraduate Research Award Designing Sensing Matrices for Compressed Sensing July 2017 Ph.D. student at CMU
Eeshan Malhotra M. Tech. (3 year) (co-advised with Dr. Karthik Gurumoorthy, ICTS-TIFR (Bangalore)) Signal Recovery under Perturbations July 2017 IBM Research Bangalore
Sania Qamar M. Tech. (3 year) (co-advised with Prof. Suyash Awate) Transformation Invariant Dictionary Learning Techniques July 2017 Yodlee, Bangalore
Souvik Sinha Deb M. Tech. (2 year) Image Analysis for Music Analysis July 2016 Adobe, Noida
Sukanya Patil D.D.P. (co-advised with Prof. Rajbabu Velmurugan),Undergraduate Research Award Image reconstruction under Poisson noise July 2016 WorldQuant, Mumbai
Vishal Agarwal B. Tech. (co-advised with Dr. Venkatakrishnan Ramaswamy, NCBS Bangalore) Automated Turing Tests July 2016 MS student at Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison
Yellamraju Tarun B. Tech. (co-advised with Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri) Video Compression using Coded Snapshots July 2015 PhD student at Purdue University
Hc Lalduhbera M. Tech. (2 year) (co-advised with Venkatakrishnan Ramaswamy, NCBS Bangalore) Automated Turing Tests July 2015 Housejoy, Bangalore
Deepak Babu Sam M. Tech. (2 year) Video Compressive Sensing using Dictionary Learning July 2015 PhD student at IISc Bangalore

Other students