Apart from playing Table Tennis, I love tinkering with electronics, and have worked with arduinos and AVRs (teensy).
My GSoC had elements of embedded programming and C++ GUI dev for this amazing organisation Open Ephys. They make tools for cutting edge neuroscience research.
I worked on Cyclops with Jon Newman.

I love trance and electronic music. <3 deadmau5 and Infected Mushroom.

Note: I've taken a two semester drop from the M.Tech programme, and will (hopefully) re-join in 2018. Meanwhile, I'll keep studying Compilers, Statistics and do some work with the LLVM community.


I've taken up Functional Programming and "the Compilers Course" in the Autumn semester of 2017.
Here are two reasons why I'm taking up FP: Extempore. The other is Emacs, 'nuff said.


A list of some really great blogs I read, and you should too.


Email: ananya95 {at} gmail {dot} com

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