About Me

I am Ankit Rokde. I am pursuing M. Tech. (CSE) at IIT Bombay. I am currently finding my research interest. I am a functional programmer, deeply in love with Haskell. I am an open source enthusiast and expert in Linux. I am also working as a system administrator in dept. of CSE at IIT Bombay.

Before joining IITB, I worked as an application developer at ThoughtWorks Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. for 3 years. I am a full-stack developer experienced in many front-end and back-end technologies such as JAVA, Javascript, Android. I have used a multitude of frameworks involving these technologies. I am experienced in CI/CD practises and have done build and deployment automation on the projects I have worked on.

I am looking for an opportunity to pursue research at an academic institute as well as in industry.


M. Tech. (CSE) at IIT Bombay

CPI - 8.93

Spring 2017

CS725 - Foundations of Machine Learning
CS692 - R & D: Static Detection of Crashes in Haskell Programs
CS694 - Seminar: Constraints in Higher Order Languages

Autumn 2016

CS747 - Foundations of Inteligent & Learning Agents
CS618 - Program Analysis

Spring 2016

CS 691 - R&D : Directed Automated Random Testing of Haskell Programs
CS 751 - Principles of Concurrent & Parallel Programming
CS 735 - Formal Models of Concurrent & Asynchronous Systems

Autumn 2015

CS 601 - Algorithms & Complexity
CS 641 - Advanced Computer Networks
CS 699 - Software Lab
CS 613 - Design & Implementation of Functional Programming Languages

B. Tech. (CSE) at VNIT, Nagpur

CPI - 7.98



  1. G. Saluja, A. Rokde, R. Maru, R. Kondekar, A. Gupta and P. Deshpande, "Layered filtering technique for content based video retrieval," Computer & Information Science (ICCIS), 2012 International Conference on, Kuala Lumpeu, 2012, pp. 420-424.


  1. Directed Automated Random Testing of Haskell Programs

    In this project, I aim to generate unit test cases for Haskell functions in an automated fashion. The generated unit test cases must cover each path a function can take. For partially defined functions, I try to generate a test case which leads the program into a run-time error.
  2. Content Based Video Retrieval System (B. Tech. Project)

    This project aims at developing a Content-Based Video Retrieval System (CBVR) based on distributed computing techniques which provide an easy and fast interface for searching video by content. The term content in this context refers to colors, shapes, textures or any other information that can be derived from the video frames. To overcome the limitations of user defined tags, CBVR is desirable as it is domain independent and provides an innovative platform which fuses video and image processing with MapReduce framework and distributed search techniques. This system allows a user to retrieve the desired video sequence from voluminous amounts of video data in an efficient and semantically meaningful way and thus provides a breakthrough in the field of video processing and retrieval.



  1. Research Assitant at Dept. of CSE, IIT Bombay (July 2015 - Till Date)

    I am working as a system administrator in CSE department.
  2. Application developer at ThoughtWorks Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. (July 2012 - July 2015)

    I worked primarily on the web and mobile application projects. I practised state of the art agile software development. I built my expertise in backend application development using JAVA. I also developed single page client side applications using many Javascript frameworks. I also automated the build process, managed CI/CD configurations and provisioned testing and production servers using build and automation tools such as Maven, Gradle, GoCD, Chef, Ansible etc.
  3. Intern at Persistent Systems (May 2011 - June 2011)

    In my internship, we developed a reminder app on the android platform. The aim was to set the reminders with the least possible number of touches. We also developed an application for "Get the prices right" game. This was very well appreciated by the employees at Persistent.

Open source projects

  1. Java Properties Gradle Plugin

    This plugin aims to avoid duplication of properties files used in Java projects. For different configurations of the project, usually different properties files are maintained. There is high likelihood that some property may get missed in some properties file. Also, most of the properties generally have the same value yet they are duplicated across file. This plugin requires to maintain properties in JSON files in a heirarchical manner. It provides tasks to generate properties files using these JSON files.


e - mail: ankitro[at]iitb[dot]ac[dot]in,