Arijit Mukherjee

Student M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering IIT Bombay


Courses Taken

Course Code Course Name Instructor Projects
CS 601 Algorithms and Complexity Prof. Sundar Vishwanathan Here
CS 744 Design and Engineering of Computing Systems Prof. Mythili Vutukuru Here
CS 663 Digital Image Processing Prof. Ajit Rajwade Here
CS 725 Foundations of machine learning Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan Here
CS 763 Computer Vision Prof. Arjun Jain Here
CS 726 Advance machine learning Prof. Sunita Sarawagi Here


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Interested in Research related to Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning

Computer Gaming

Love playing Dota2 , Company of Heros , Age of Empires or Any First person Shooter :p