Avinash Kumar Chaurasia Ph.D. Student
Synerg Lab
Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Curriculum Vitae

Hi, I am Avinash Kumar Chaurasia. I am a research scholar at Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay and also a part of SYstems and NEtworks Research Group (SYNERG). I work in the broad area of computer networks under the guidance of Prof. Bhaskaran Raman. To be specific, earlier I worked on wireless technologies. Currently, I am exploring MPTCP, Visible Light Communication and area of Data center networking. Earlier I was employed as a research assistant under the guidance of Prof. Bhaskaran Raman.

Area of Interest

My interest lies in wireless networks, wired networks, network protocols and wireless sensor networks(WSNs). My other interest include network security and Operating Systems.

Past Affiliations

I graduated from NIT Allahabad in Computer Science and Engineering (2008). I did my post graduation from IIT Kanpur in Computer Science and Engineering (2011). I worked at MAQ Software for 11 months (2008-09) and at Intel for 2 years (2011-13). Later I joined IIT Bombay as a research assistant in 2013 to work in area of wireless networks.

Scholarships Awarded

  1. Awarded ACM travel grant for the ACM, IRTF, and ISOC Applied Networking Research Workshop, Berlin, Germany, 2016.
  2. Awarded Microsoft travel grant to attend summer school on IOT, Bangalore, India 2016.
  3. Awarded COMSNETS travel grant to travel and present at COMSNETS, Bangalore, India 2015.