Chinmay Awale

160050014 Sophomore CSE Department


Hey guys, welcome to my Homepage, my name is chinmay awale, Sophomore at IIT Bombay This page serves as both my official page and a showcase for my achievements and my primary way of officially introducing myself.
I am a coding enthusiast (not much into scripting and web development though). I watch TV series and play videogames (I revere FromSoftware and Ubisoft) as a passtime ,besides I like playing basketball and swimming.
Interestingly, it was due to videogames that I came to appreciate the effort and time required to program anything significant, particularly by seeing drastic improvements in graphics and gameplay over the years (and the sadness of owning a desktop that couldn't run them).
My favorite authors include J.K.Rowling and Dan Brown. Not that I'm not an avid reader, It's just that I couldn't find any other writing style that was to my liking.
Travelling with friends and family is also one of my prefered ways of having fun. Also did I mention I'm a Huge Ice cream fanatic !

Academic interests

Currently, Being in a rather immature phase of my sholastic life, my interests lie in fields that I don't completely understand. for a long time I was interested in Computer Graphics. Later in my life, when I found myself precariously close to mind-blowing works of amazing people, my interest shifted on to the fields of Computer Vision and Machine Learning and I am extremely enthusiastic about working in both of the fields. I also want to explore OS Architecture and Low Level Programming

However, enter IIT Bombay has surely improved my exposure to what I always wanted to do.Since entering I got a chance to enter a lot of hackathons and hobby Ideas.

Running Courses

Course code coursecredits
CS213Data Structures and algorithms6
CS293Data Structures and algorithms Lab3
EE101Introduction to Electronics8
CS215Data Analysis6
CS251Software Systems lab8
SC201Mathematical Structures in control and systems6
CS207Discrete Structures6

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