Balamurali A R

Me and Myself

Recording Artist

A cadence of million mutinous cell urging you to point out that one thing - the purpose. And when its served, you say about the meaning. The meaning that defines everything. The system that is in theory and practise not going in an amok but in a symphonical harmony that takes you into a trance, tied lightly to a mystic melody - that is what science must strive to do. And I am just a fellow researcher who, like a confused child, is trying to learn some if not all that this beautiful life has to give, which I would define as my purpose.

I am a PhD student(Dept of Computer science & engineering) of IITB-Monash Research Academy with my topic centering around Sentiment Analysis. My mentor at IIT Bombay (India) is Prof.Pushpak Bhattacharyya and at Monash University (Australia) is Prof.Ingrid Zukerman