CS699: Software Lab, Autumn 2013

Course instructor: Bhaskaran Raman
Bhaskar's calendar, including teaching related calendar: click
Office: SIA406, KR building
Contact hours: Any time during CS699 lab hours, at lab, NSL+annexe Wed 2-5pm

Teaching Assistants (TAs):
  1. Akanksha Patel (akankshapatel@cse)
  2. Amandeep Chugh (amandeepchugh@cse)
  3. Deepak Suyel (deepaksuyel@cse)
  4. Dungarwal Piyush Dilip (piyushdd@cse)
  5. Kaveti Jayasree (jayasree@cse)
  6. Manjunath G Yaji (manjunath@cse)
  7. Sandeep Garg (sandeepgarg@cse)
  8. Shruti Sharma (shrtsharma@cse)
  9. Sidhartha Sahoo (sidhartha@cse)

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Why use emacs or vim?


  1. 2013-11-06: End-sem exam will be 10am to 4pm on 27 Nov 2013, in NSL+OSL. Its of fixed duration: 6 hours.
  2. 2013-11-06: Project related announcements
  3. 2013-07-23: Our first lab will be on Wed 24 Jul 2013.
  4. 2013-07-23: Lab venue changed to: New Software Lab (NSL) + NSL Annexe in the old CSE building, ground floor.
  5. 2013-07-23: For those of you who cannot procure a pen drive for any reason, we will make alternate arrangements. Please talk to me in this regard in person during the lab or in my office. See my calendar to know when I'll be in my office.
  6. 2013-07-23: I highly recommend buying a 8GB or higher capacity pen-drive, irrespective of whether or not you have a laptop/PC. You can coordinate among yourselves to purchase in bulk to reduce cost.

Bhaskaran Raman
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