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Since Jul 2007, I have moved to IIT Bombay, which is where these pages are hosted now. But much of the content here is relevant, so I have let it be in its original form.

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Does nature really cause as much destruction as humans?

Number of homes damaged by the tsunami in Nagapattinam: 30,300. Number of homes destroyed by the Congress-NCP Government in Mumbai: 84,000. [P. Sainath, 05 Feb 2005, The Hindu]

Number of estimated deaths in the tsunami: 150,000. Number of estimated deaths due to the 2003 invasion or Iraq, in excess of the mortality rate during Saddam's rule in Iraq: 6,00,000+ [Public Health News Center, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 11 Oct 2006]
Earlier study: 1,00,000. [L. Roberts, The Lancet, Oct 2004]

"In the town of Karabilah [Iraq], the [U.S.] marines swept through and destroyed or damaged almost every building.", The New York Times, 05 Aug 2005.

I have removed the Iraq Body Count counter from my website for two reasons: (1) those responsible for the killings have started quoting it, so it must be a gross underestimate (which is also obvious given that it is based purely on body count), and (2) people accessing my website from within IITK seem to need a proxy password just because of this site.
But one must say, the fact that those responsible for the killings even cite body counts (see below) represents a huge achievement for humanity!

"We don't do body counts"
General Tommy Franks, US Central Command

"Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators." -- British Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Stanley Maude, March 1917 (after conquering Baghdad)

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