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Wondering who am I??

Just a muggle like u ;)

I'm Chanchal

of House Godara, First of the name, Princess of my parents and Protector of ....well, no one as such except myself. I belong from Rajasthan, India. I have completed 18 yrs of my life and am looking forward to the rest.


I did my schooling from St.Pauls, Barmer(Raj.) and am presently pursuing my B.Tech (sophomore, CSE Dept.) from IIT Bombay. The IIT campus is amazing and lots of opportunities to learn here. I am also a member of the Electrical division in Team Shunya.


Hobbies or says interests vary from person to person.I would not say I have many because that's not true but the things I do feel like doing, I do them passionately. I like playing chess even though I am not that good at it. I love listening to music, singing ,cooking and watching tv series (who dosen't). I am all about trying things and then stick to something that calls to me. One of such things is reading (especially novels). The fact that I love reading novels would be an understatement. I know all genres are good but my all time favourites include fiction, fantasy, mystery and romance. Books are addictive. They just take you to a different world for some time. If you haven't experienced this feeling, then you need to. Here are a few of many of my favourites.

Fantasy Romance Fiction
Harry Potter A walk to Remember To kill a Mockingbird
Falling Kingdoms Me Before You The Alchemist
Percy Jackson Pride and Prejudice The Da Vinci Code


Mumbai, India

Phone: 91-8291474823

Email: chanchalgd246@gmail.com