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H ello, My name is Rahul Chunduru and I am currently studying under cse dept.,iitb, as second year student.
I studied till intermediate in guntur,Andhra Pradesh. There, as a school student, I was fascinated by cartoon shows and such. Who wouldn't like those days of pokemon and power rangers?As a college student, I continued watching such shows. It is a pity that current TV shows aren't were such.

Here in this webpage, I would like to give my experiences and opinions on academics, music and animes.

On Academics:

Damn you, Acads

I had my fair share of good and bad schooling days. The more memorable moments of those days are mostly mathematics. Some of its arguments and approaches struck me as brilliant. But looking back at other subjects, they have their own aspect of brillance. But I think, it is much more prevalent in math.

Here's some books I found interesting during my school days.

And here are my fav topics from some subjects(high-school level):

Sl.no. Subject topic
1 Math Algebra
2 Physics Mechanics
3 Chemistry Thermodynamics
4 Biology Molecular Biology

On Music:

Damn you, Acads

Aside from the story, one thing that good movies have is the music track. I then started investigating into the european music. Then I came to know the works of Beethoven, Mozart and other classical musicians.

I believe that current music that we have now is inferior than that of classical because of the following reasons.

  1. The topics that the current music focuses on is silly.
  2. There is not much variations in current music.And more importantly,
  3. They are not deep enough.

  4. My favorite music pieces are (classical) as follows :

    Favorite no. Music piece Composer Comment
    3 Fur elise Beethoven Ideal for reading
    2 Symphony no. 40 Mozart Ideal music for getting ready for the day
    1 Symphony no. 5 Beethoven Music definition of Anger

On Anime:

Go, anime

I like anime. Considering their distance from reality and duration, I think they are better than most of live action productions.There are many kinds of animes. Animes are mostly japanese productions.
I hope we will soon produce many such shows.

Here are my fav. animes :

Fav.no. Anime name No. of eps. Comment
3 Naruto 500 describes competitive spirit well
2 Bleach 350 a superhero anime
1 One piece 800 Simple and determined
Tell me your Opinions :

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish"

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