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about me, my concerns and some thoughts


About myself

Hello, My name is Rahul Chunduru and I am currently studying under cse dept.,iitb, as third year student. I am, therefore naturally, an aspiring programmer with a taste for philosophy. Briefly speaking, I take inspiration from the anime shows and the tennis matches I watch, and what I do most days is to make sure I can sleep peacefully. Of course, I generally dont succeded, but I am coming into terms with the task , day by day.

What I hope to do here

My kid-self would be amazed by seeing me hosting my own website. Atleast for his sake, I would like to maintain a dynamic content here. Ofcourse, it can't be any gibberish and I am no longer the guy who thinks too abstractly without the need for any output. Therefore, I would try and put up content I come up and across in day to day life, while keeping it as much objective, relatable and relevant to people as I can.