I am currently employed by Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in Mumbai, India under the guidance of Nutan Limaye.

I am interested in arithmetic circuit complexity and in general lower bounds.

For updated references you might want to look below or in DBLP, Google Scholar.

Current Publications


  • C. Engels, B. V. R. Rao, and K. Sreenivasaiah, “On Sigma wedge Sigma wedge Sigma Circuits: The Role of Middle Sigma Fan-In, Homogeneity and Bottom Degree,” in FCT, 2017, vol. 10472, pp. 230–242.
  • C. Engels, M. Garg, K. Makino, and A. Rao, “On Expressing Majority as a Majority of Majorities,” Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC), vol. 24, p. 174, 2017.
  • S. Chillara, C. Engels, N. Limaye, and S. Srinivasan, “An Exponential Depth-Hierarchy Theorem for Constant-Depth Multilinear Circuits,” to appear., 2017.
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