Invited Talks

Generic Model Management - Why We Need It and How to Get There 

Philip A. Bernstein

Quality of Service Guarantees for Multimedia Digital Libraries and Beyond 

Gerhard Weikum

Data Mining: From Standalone Algorithms to Integrated Components and Ready-made Internet Services

Sunita Sarawagi

Contributed Papers

XML and Semi-structured Data

Object Serialisation and Deserialisation Using XML

N. Bhatti, W. Hassan, R. McClatchey, P. Martin, Z. Kovacs, J-M. LeGoff, H. Stockinger, I. Willers

Deriving Synonymies and Homonymies of Object Classes in semi-structured Information Sources

Giorgio Terracina, Domenico Ursino

Co-operative Query Answering with Density Scores

Felix Naumann, Ulf Leser

Design & Implementation of XML-RDBMS Interface

Vibhore Kumar   

Mobile and Spatio-Temporal Databases

Parametric R-Tree: An Index Structure for Moving Objects

Mengchu Cai, Peter Revesz

Broadcasting Consistent Data to Mobile Clients with Local Cache

Kam-Yiu Lam, Edward Chan, Hei-Wing Leung, Mei-Wai Au

Geo-BASE: A Spatial DBMS for GIS Applications

Hemalatha Diwakar, Aditya Pidgu, Rahul Bhagwat 

Temporal Databases and Meta Models

Uncertain Relations between Indeterminate Temporal Intervals

Vladimir Ryabov

Dynamic Integrity Constraint Evaluation in Temporal Deductive Databases

Maria Amélia Pacheco e Silva, Maria Ribera Sancho i Samsó 

Adex - A Meta Modeling Framework for Repository-centric Systems Building

S. Sreedhar Reddy, Janak Mulani, Arun Bahulkar

Application Oriented Databases

Design and Implementation of a Biodiversity Information Management System

B.J. Srikanta, Jayant R. Haritsa

Fuzzy Temporal Patterns for Analyzing Stock Market Databases

Girish Keshav Palshikar, Arun Bahulkar 

Multi-Feature Query by Multiple Examples in Image Databases

Surya Nepal, M.V. Ramakrishna


Tuning and Optimization

Automatically Declustering Relations In A Multi-Disk Database

B. Srikanth, S. Seshadri

Auto-Tuned Spline Synopses for Database Statistics Management

Arnd Christian König, Gerhard Weikum

Memory Cognizant Query Optimization

Arvind Hulgeri, S. Seshadri, S. Sudarshan

A Resource Broker for Optimal Site and Query Scheduling in a Distributed Relational DB System

B. Vijayakumar, N.P. Gopalan

Data Warehousing and Mining

Mining for Association Rules without Pruning

M. Arul Arasu, P. Sreenivasa Kumar

Datacube Computation in the Presence of Attribute Hierarchies

M. Madhava Krishna, P. Sreenivasa Kumar

Industry Track – Abstracts

Security, Enforcement and Databases

Sanjay Pande

XPS – The shared nothing DB server


XML Support in Oracle

Vishu Krishnamurthy

Implementing Security in Enterprise Portals

Omkar Bhongir

Achieving Continuous Availability with Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.0

Omkar Bhongir

Data Links: Manage Enterprise Content - Linking File Systems with Databases 

Inderpal Narang, Suparna Bhattacharjee

Digital Experience 

Ramesh Jain