Second Workshop of the Indian Database Research Community, 2000

2.00 PM - 6.00 PM, December 16th, 2000 immediately following COMAD 2000

Workshop Schedule

This workshop is the second in a new series of workshops on database research in India.


The goals of the workshop include: fostering ties between database researchers in India, encouraging students to take up database research, foster closer ties between database industry and research, to disseminate the state-of-the-art in database research, and to impact the national IT effort. In particular, fostering ties is important so that we get a feeling of community, which is important to motivate people to carry on research in any area.

The workshop is complementary to COMAD, and its target audience, consisting of Indian database researchers from academia and industry, as well as students interested in database research,, is a subset of the target audience of COMAD,


The first workshop of the series, organized by Anand Deshpande of PSPL, was held in Pune in May 1999. This workshop was judged to be a definite success by all participants. A detailed overview of the workshop written by Jayant Haritsa is available here.

The second workshop in this series is to be held on the afternoon of December 16th, 2000, immediately following COMAD 2000.

Who Should Attend:

We encourage all database researchers in India, as well as students carrying out database research in India, to participate in this workshop. Also, if you use databases in your research area, or do research in some other are but are generally interested in database research, please do attend.

Any research area that is related to data is relevant to this workshop. For instance, we consider data mining, data analysis, information retrieval, and web data as being amongst the target research areas.


What Should You Do:

All participants are requested to give a brief overview of database research in their group. Currently we are planning to allot each group 5 minutes plus 5 minutes per person from the group attending. Each attendee is expected to give a short overview of their research areas and their goals for the future.

Please register by sending email (one per group) to listing the people from the group attending and a title for the group presentation.


The workshop programme is being organized by S. Sudarshan, CSE Department, IIT Bombay, with assistance from the COMAD 2000 organizers, in particular Krithi Ramamritham and Anand Deshpande, and student volunteers. Organizational support from COMAD 2000 is deeply appreciated.