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TAP: A Platform for Enabling Enterprises to Develop Business Specific Text Analytic Applications

Neeraj Agrawal , Scott Holmes , Sachindra Joshi ,Sumit Negi

Presented at 11th International Conference on Management of Data (COMAD 2005) (COMAD 2005), Goa, India, January 6-8, 2005


Many enterprises are beginning to exploit the vast amount of data available on the Web, to streamline their business processes and gain advantage over their competitors. However, building text analytic applications that provide such vital business information, is very hard. Further, there are several functionalities that are common across many text analytic applications. In this paper, we provide a platform called TAP (Text Analytic Platform), that provides several tools and services that are used commonly across many text analytic applications. TAP could be used by business enterprises to build text analytic applications rapidly. It uses WebFountain to gather the application-specific data and provide other tools that help in developing and deploying application-specific miners.

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