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COMAD 2005: Accepted Papers

A Comparative Study of Mobile Agent and Client-Server Technologies in a Real Application
  R. B. Patel and Kumkum Garg
A Temporal Foundation for Continuous Queries over Data Streams
  Juergen Kraemer and Bernhard Seeger
An Architecture for Searching and Indexing Latex Equations in Scientific Literature
  Ashish Lohia, Kirti Sinha, Soujanya Vadapalli, Kamalakar Karlapalem
Association Rules Mining Using Heavy Itemsets
  Girish K. Palshikar, Mandar S. Kale, Manoj M. Apte
Efficient Handling of Sibling Axis in XPath
  G.V.Subramanyam and P. Sreenivasa Kumar
Estimating Missing Values in Related Sensor Data Streams
  Mihail Halatchev and Le Gruenwald
Fast Frequent Pattern Mining in Real-Time
  Rajanish Dass, Ambuj Mahanti
Formalization and Detection of Events Using Interval-Based Semantics
  Raman Adaikkalavan and Sharma Chakravarthy
Functional Dependency Driven Auxiliary Relations Selection for Materialized Views Maintenance
  Mukesh Mohania,P.Radha Krishna, K.V.N.N Pavan Kumar,Kamalakar Karlapalem,Millist Vincent
Indexing Large Moving Objects from Past to Future with PCFI+-Index
  Zhao-Hong Liu, Xiao-Li Liu, Jun-Wei Ge, and Hae-Young Bae
Learning to extract information from large websites using sequential models
  V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran, Sunita Sarawagi
LWI and Safari: A New Index Structure and Query Model for Graph Databases
  Srinath Srinivasa, Martin Maier, Mandar R. Mutalikdesai, Gowrishankar K. A., Gopinath P. S.
Model Driven Development of Content Management Applications
  Prasad M. Deshpande, Brendan McNichols, Michael Richmond, Savitha Srinivasan, Vladimir Zbarsky
Partially Materialized Partitioned Views
  Satyanarayana R Valluri
Preference Queries with SV-Semantics
  Werner Kie▀ling
Secure Database Design for E-Business - A Case Study
  Santosh Dwivedi, Bernard Menezes, Ashish Singh
SynDECA: A Tool to Generate Synthetic Datasets for Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms
  Jhansi Rani Vennam, Soujanya Vadapalli
TAP: A Platform for Enabling Enterprises to Develop Business Specific Text Analytic Applications
  Neeraj Agrawal , Scott Holmes , Sachindra Joshi ,Sumit Negi
Time Series Forecasting through Clustering - A Case Study
  Vipul Kedia, Vamsidhar Thummala, Kamalakar Karlapalem

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