11th International Conference on Management of Data (COMAD 2005)

January 6 - 8, 2005 - Goa, India






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Day I

Jan 6, 2005


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Jan 7, 2005



Jan 8, 2005



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 Detailed Program


 - Organizational -

Inauguration:   Chief Guest: Director of National Institute of Oceanography, Goa
Closing:           Retrospective on conference by Organizing Committee

 - Social -

Reception:        On the lawns of the conference venue (International Centre)

  Banquet:          Boat cruise on Mandovi River
India-DB Mtg:   Informal meeting of Indian database research community
                         to chart future course of action


 - Keynotes -

  K1   Title:               Timber: A Native XML Database Management System

         Speaker:         H V Jagadish (Univ. of Michigan, USA, and NUS, Singapore)  

         Session Chair: Krithi Ramamritham

  K2   Title:               Challenges of Information Integration

         Speaker:         C N Ram (President, HDFC Bank, India)

         Session Chair: V Govindarajan

 - Tutorials -


  T1    Title:               Querying and Mining Data Streams: You Only Get One Look

          Speaker:         Rajeev Rastogi (Lucent Bell Labs, India)

          Session Chair: Vikram Pudi

  T2    Title:               Approximate Query Processing Techniques

          Speaker:        Gautam Das (U. Texas-Arlington, USA)

          Session Chair: Venkatesh Kamat

  T3a   Title:               The Continued Saga of DB-IR integration

+T3b   Speaker:         Ricardo Baeza-Yates  (U. of Chile)

          Session Chair: Sunita Sarawagi
   T4   Title:               Web Information Retrieval

          Speaker:         Krishna Bharat  (Google India)

          Session Chair: T M Vijayaraman


 - Panels -

  P1    Title:               Core DB Research: Is It Relevant Anymore?

          Moderator:      Sharma Chakravarthy (U. Texas-Arlington)

          Panelists:        H V Jagadish (U. Michigan-Ann Arbor and NUS Singapore)
                                Anthony Tung (NUS Singapore)
                                V Govindarajan (Aztec Software, Bangalore)
                                S Seshadri (Cosmix, USA)
Session Chair: Kamal Karlapalem

  P2    Title:               Database Research for Social Empowerment: Does It Exist?

          Moderator:      Srinath Srinivasa  (IIIT Bangalore)

          Panelists:        Sunita Sarawagi (IIT Bombay)
                                P Krishna Reddy (IIIT Hyderabad)
                                Vikram Pudi (IIIT Hyderabad)
                                A Kumaran (IISc Bangalore)

          Session Chair: Kamal Karlapalem

- Industry Sessions -

  I1   Industry (invited)    [Session Chair: S  Seshadri]

     1) Title:         Tesla - On Demand Information Systems

         Speaker:   Vishal S Batra  (IBM India)

     2) Title:         Emerging Trends in OLAP

         Speaker:   Vaishnavi Sashikanth  (Hyperion Solutions, USA)

     3) Title:         Mobile Data Analysis and Reporting

         Speaker:   Prasad Ram  (Yahoo India)

 - Research Sessions -


  R1    Data Mining I  [Session Chair: Gautam Das]

    1) Title:       Learning to extract information from large websites

                      using sequential models

        Authors:  V G Vinod Vydiswaran, Sunita Sarawagi

    2) Title:       Preference Queries with SV-Semantics

        Authors:  Werner Kießling

    3) Title:       SynDECA: A Tool to Generate Synthetic Datasets for

                      Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms

        Authors:  Jhansi Rani Vennam, Soujanya Vadapalli


  R2    Data Warehousing and Active Databases   [Session Chair: Bernard Menezes]

    1) Title:       Functional Dependency Driven Auxiliary Relation Selection

                      for Materialized Views Maintenance 

        Authors:  Mukesh Mohania, P Radha Krishna, K V N N Pavan Kumar,

                      Kamalakar Karlapalem, Millist Vincent

    2) Title:       Partially Materialized Partitioned Views

        Authors:  Satyanarayana R Valluri

    3) Title:       Formalization and Detection of Events Using

                      Interval-Based Semantics

        Authors:  Raman Adaikkalavan, Sharma Chakravarthy

  R3   XML and Streams   [Session Chair: H V Jagadish]

    1) Title:       Efficient Handling of Sibling Axis in XPath

        Authors:  G V Subramanyam, P Sreenivasa Kumar


    2) Title:       A Temporal Foundation for Continuous Queries

                      over Data Streams

        Authors:  Juergen Kraemer, Bernhard Seeger

    3) Title:       Estimating Missing Values in Related Sensor Data Streams

        Authors:  Mihail Halatchev, Le Gruenwald


  R4   Applications I   [Session Chair: Srinath Srinivasa]

     1) Title:       TAP: A Platform for Enabling Enterprises to Develop

                       Business Specific Text Analytic Applications

         Authors:  Neeraj Agrawal, Scott Holmes, Sachindra Joshi, Sumit Negi

     2) Title:       Model Driven Development of Content Management Applications

         Authors:  Prasad M Deshpande, Brendan McNichols, Michael Richmond,

                       Savitha Srinivasan, Vladimir Zbarsky

     3) Title:        Small Device Data Management (invited talk)

         Speaker:  Rajkumar Sen



   R5   Specialized Indexing   [Session Chair: Rajeev Rastogi]

     1) Title:       An Architecture for Searching and Indexing Latex Equations

                       in Scientific Literature

         Authors:  Ashish Lohia, Kirti Sinha, Soujanya Vadapalli,

                       Kamalakar Karlapalem

     2) Title:       Indexing Large Moving Objects from Past to Future

                       with PCFI+-Index   

         Authors:  Zhao-Hong Liu, Xiao-Li Liu, Jun-Wei Ge, Hae-Young Bae

     3) Title:       LWI and Safari: A New Index Structure and Query Model

                       for Graph Databases

         Authors:  Srinath Srinivasa, Martin Maier, Mandar R Mutalikdesai,

                       Gowrishankar K A, Gopinath P S

  R6   Data Mining II   [Session Chair: P Sreenivasa Kumar]

     1) Title:       Association Rules Mining Using Heavy Itemsets

         Authors:  Girish K Palshikar, Mandar S Kale, Manoj M Apte

     2) Title:       Fast Frequent Pattern Mining in Real-Time

         Authors:  Rajanish Dass, Ambuj Mahanti

     3) Title:       Privacy-Preserving Data Mining (invited talk)

         Speaker: Shipra Agrawal

R7   Applications II   [Session Chair: Mukesh  Mohania]

     1) Title:       Secure Database Design for E-Business - A Case Study   

         Authors:  Santosh Dwivedi, Bernard Menezes, Ashish Singh

     2) Title:       A Comparative Study of Mobile Agent and

                       Client-Server Technologies in a Real Application

         Authors:  R B Patel, Kumkum Garg

     3) Title:       Time Series Forecasting through Clustering - A Case Study

         Authors:  Vipul Kedia, Vamsidhar Thummala, Kamalakar Karlapalem