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Handicrafts Village, Shilparamam
Golconda Fort

Car Rental Services

Typically you can rent a car for 4hrs/40 KM (~Rs. 350--400) or 8hrs/80 KM (~Rs. 550--600) with additional charges for extra hours and distances. Rates can vary with the type of car. Cheapest rates are for Ambassadors and Indicas. Ask if the price includes the driver's tip.

Some Car Rental Services Operating near venue:
Shekhar (Cell): 9849660359
Kumar (Cell): 9849445437
Escort Travels (Cell): 9246595686
Nissi Travels +91 40 2300 0149

Searchable List from fullhyd.com (Add a prefix "2" to all 7-digit phone numbers)
Hertz, Hyderabad

Metered Taxi Services

Typically they charge @ Rs. 10 per kilometer with a minimum of Rs. 40/4 KMs or Rs. 60/6 KMs.
Call Taxi: +91 40 55316000
Call Cabs: +91 40 55251313
Cel Cabs: +91 40 23242526
Orange Cabs: +91 40 55315555

Metered Autos

3 wheelers or "autos" are fairly popular in Hyderabad. Slightly larger shared-ride "7-seaters" will charge by distances, usually less than Re. 1 per KM. They travel on fixed routes. The smaller "3-seaters" are metered and charge @ Rs. 5 per KM (minimum Rs. 10).


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