Visa Information

Visitors to India should obtain Visas of the appropriate type. It can be obtained from the Indian Embassy/Consulate or Ministry Of External Affairs in your country or the one nearest to your geography.

Some of the Airlines flying into India:

        Air India       Indian Airlines       Air France -- via Paris       Alitalia -- via Rome       British Airways -- via London
        KLM -- via Amsterdam       Lufthansa -- via Frankfurt       Swiss Air -- via Zurich
        American Airlines -- via European Gateways       Continental -- via European Gateways
        Delta -- via European Gateways       Northwest Airlines -- via European Gateways
        Cathay Pacific -- via Hong Kong       Eva Air -- via Taipei       Malaysian Airlines -- via Kula Lumpur
        Nippon Airways -- via Tokyo       Singapore Airlines -- via Singapore       Emirates -- via Dubai

The Domestic Airlines are :
                                                Indian Airlines         Jet Airways         Air Sahara        

Invitation Letters

Invitation letters are issued for attendees to submit in support of their visa applications. For those who are authors of papers, speakers, tutorial leaders, or have other specific responsibilities with the conference, this information can be included in the invitation letter. Please send your request for an invitation letter to the conference chair, Prof. Kamal Karlapalem (kamal AT iiit DOT ac DOT in), and include your name, mailing address, and fax number.