Summary Schedule

December 17 8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:30 Welcome
9:30-11:00 Keynote 1 [PC Saxena Auditorium (LT)]
  Track-1 : PC Saxena Auditorium (LT) Track-2 : IRCC Auditorium  
11:30-13:00 Industry & Applications I Tutorial 1  
14:30-16:00 R1: Web Search/IR Tutorial 1 (Contd.)  
16:30-18:00 Student Papers Industry & Applications II  
December 18 9:00-10:30 Keynote 2 [F.C. Kohli Auditorium (KReSIT)]
  Track-1 : F.C. Kohli Auditorium (KReSIT) Track-2 : Lecture Hall (KReSIT) Track-3 : SIC 301 (KReSIT)
11:00-12:30 R2: Security & Integrity Tutorial 2 R3: XML Processing
14:00-15:30 R4: Transaction Management, Data Integration Demo Session Invited Talk
16:00-17:30 R5: Data Mining I Industry & Applications III  
19:00-20:15 Culture Program: Folk dance by Nrityanjali Performing Arts [PC Saxena Auditorium]
20:30-22:00 Conference Banquet [Gulmohar, 3rd Floor]
December 19 9:00-10:30 Keynote 3 [F.C. Kohli Auditorium (KReSIT)]
  Track-1 : F.C. Kohli Auditorium (KReSIT) Track-2 : Lecture Hall (KReSIT) Track-3 : CSE Library (KReSIT)
11:00-12:30 R6: Data Mining II R7: Query Processing/Optimization Demo Session (repeat)
14:00-15:30 Gong Show [F.C. Kohli Auditorium (KReSIT)]


  1. December 17, 9:30-11:00, PC Saxena Auditorium(LT)
    (Chair: Gautam Das)

    Decision Support Queries: A solved problem?
    Surajit Chaudhuri, Microsoft Research
  2. December 18, 9:00-10:30, F.C. Kohli Auditorium (KReSIT)
    (Chair: N.L. Sarda)

    Finding Information on the Web – Past, Present and Future    [slides]
    S. Seshadri, Kosmix Inc.
  3. December 19, 9:00-10:30, F.C. Kohli Auditorium (KReSIT)
    (Chair: Krithi Ramamritham)

    Cloud Computing at Yahoo!    [slides]
    Raghu Ramakrishnan, Yahoo Inc.


  1. December 17 (Chair: P. Sreenivasa Kumar)
    Graph Mining Techniques and Their Applications   [slides]
    Sharma Chakravarty (Univ. of Texas at Arlington)
  2. December 18 (Chair: Sunita Sarawagi)
    Uncertain Clustering: Models, Methods and Applications   [slides]
    Zhenjie Zhang and Anthony K. H. Tung (National University of Singapore)

Research Sessions

    R1: Web Search/IR (December 17, 14:00-15:30, Chair : Anthony Kum Hoe Tung)

  1. Kshitij: A Search and Page Recommendation System for Wikipedia
    Phanikumar Bhamidipati (IIIT Hyderabad), Kamalakar Karlapalem (IIIT Hyderabad)
  2. Query Heartbeat: A Strange Property of Keyword Queries on the Web    [slides]
    Karthik R (IIITB), Aditya Rachakonda (IIITB), Srinath Srinivasa (Indian Institute of Information Technology)
  3. Personalized Web-page Rendering System    [slides]
    Swapna Raj Prabakara Raj (IIT Madras), Balaraman Ravindran (IIT Madras)
  4. R2: Security/Integrity (December 18, 11:00-12:30, Chair: Sharma Chakravarty)

  5. The Efficient Maintenance of Access Roles with Role Hiding    [slides]
    Chaoyi Pang (CSIRO), Xiuzhen Zhang (RMIT University), Yanchun Zhang, Ramamohanarao Kotagiri (University of Melbourne)
  6. Ambiguity: Hide the Presence of Individuals and Their Privacy with Low Information Loss
    Hui Wang (Stevens Institute of Technology)
  7. R3: XML processing (December 18, 11:00-12:30, Chair: Arvind Hulgeri)

  8. Declaratively Producing Data Mash-ups    [slides]
    Sudarshan Murthy (Portland State University), David Maier (Portland State University)
  9. On Inferring K Optimum Transformations of XML Document from Update Script to DTD    [slides]
    Nobutaka Suzuki (University of Tsukuba)
  10. Efficient Evaluation of Forward XPath Axes over XML Streams   [slides]
    Abdul Nizar (IIT Madras), Sreenivasa Kumar (IIT Madras)
  11. R4: Transaction Management, Data Integration (December 18, 14:00-15:30, Chair: Mukesh Mohania)

  12. Exploiting Semantics and Speculation for Improving the Performance of Read-only Transactions   [slides]
    Ragunathan Thirumalaisamy (IIIT-Hyderabad), Krishna Reddy Polepalli (IIIT-Hyderabad)
  13. Concurrency Control in Distributed MRA Index Structure   [slides]
    Neha Singh (IIT Bombay), S Sudarshan (IIT Bombay)
  14. Information Integration Across Heterogeneous Sources: Where Do We Stand and How to Proceed?   [slides]
    Aditya Telang, Sharma Chakravarthy (University of Texas Arlington), Yan Huang
  15. R5: Data Mining I (December 18, 16:00-17:30, Chair: Ganesh Ramakrishnan)

  16. Disk-Based Sampling for Outlier Detection in High Dimensional Data
    Timothy De Vries (The University of Sydney), Sanjay Chawla, Pei Sun, Gia vinh Anh Pham
  17. CUM: An Efficient Framework for Mining Concept Units    [slides]
    Santhi Thilagam (NITK Surathkal)
  18. Discovering Interesting Subsets Using Statistical Analysis   [slides]
    Maitreya Natu (TRDDC), Girish Palshikar (TRDDC)
  19. R6: Data Mining II (December 19, 11:00-12:30, Chair: P. Krishna Reddy)

  20. REBMEC: Repeat Based Maximum Entropy Classifier for Biological Sequences
    Pratibha Rani (IIIT Hyderabad), Vikram Pudi (IIIT Hyderabad)
  21. An Incremental Summary Generation System   [slides]
    Ravindranath Chowdary (IIT Madras), Sreenivasa Kumar P (IIT Madras)
  22. Topic Distillation using Support Vector Data Description   [slides]
    Vijaya Saradhi (TRDDC, Pune), Harish Karnick (Dept. of CSE, IIT Kanpur), Pabitra Mitra (Dept. of CSE, IIT Kharagpur)
  23. R7: Query Processing/Optimization (December 19, 11:00-12:30, Chair: Kamal Karlapalem)

  24. Runtime Optimization of Continuous Queries    [slides]
    Balakumar Kendai (University of Texas Arlington), Sharma Chakravarthy (University of Texas Arlington)
  25. Towards the Preservation of Keys in XML Data Transformation for Integration   [slides]
    Md. Sumon Shahriar (University of South Australia)
  26. Exploiting Asynchronous IO using the Asynchronous Iterator Model    [slides]
    Suresh Iyengar (IIT Bombay), S Sudarshan (IIT Bombay), Santosh Kumar (IIT Bombay), Raja Agrawal (IIT Bombay)

Industrial Sessions

    I1: Industry & Application I (December 17, 11:30-13:00, Chair : S. Sudarshan)

    Invited industry talks

    I2: Industry & Application II (December 17, 16:30-17:30, Chair : Vadiraja Bhatt)

    I3: Industry & Application III (December 18, 16:00-17:30, Chair : Anand Deshpande)

    Invited industry talks

Student Papers (December 17, 16:30-18:00, Chair: Srinath Srinivasa)

  1. An Experiment with Distance Measures for Clustering
    Ankita Vimal (IIIT Hyderabad), Satyanarayana Valluri (IIIT Hyderabad), Kamalakar Karlapalem (IIIT Hyderabad)
  2. Querying for Information Integration: How to go from an Imprecise Intent to a Precise Query?    [slides]
    Aditya Telang, Sharma Chakravarthy (University of Texas Arlington), Chengkai Li
  3. Modeling Uncertain and Imprecise Information in Process Modeling with UML    [slides]
    Xiao Jing (INSA-LATTIS), Pierre Pinel (INSA-LATTIS), Lei Pi (IRIT), Vincent Aranega (IRIT), Claude Baron (INSA-LATTIS)

Demonstrations (December 18, 14:00-15:30 and December 19, 11:00-12:30, Chair: Ravindra Guravannavar)

  1. The Orion Uncertain Data Management System
    Sarvjeet Singh, Chris Mayfield, Sagar Mittal, Sunil Prabhakar, Susanne Hambrusch, Rahul Shah (Department of Computer Science, Purdue University)
  2. Silverfish: A Contextual Knowledge Extraction and Aggregation System for Academics    [slides]
    Srinath Srinivasa, Aditya Ramana Rachakonda (International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore)

Invited Talk (December 18, 14:00-15:30)

Gong Show (December 19, 14:00-15:30, Chair: Sunita Sarawagi)