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Call for Panels

The COMAD 2009 conference organization invites submissions of panel proposals for COMAD 2009, which is to be held in Mysore, India, from December 09-12, 2009.

A panel may consist of four to six people, who will present their views and opinions on an issue or question, which is relevant to the theme of COMAD 2009 and is of general interest. The panel is required to address an issue, which is narrow enough to be discussed in a period not exceeding 1 hour, with each panelist presenting distinct views/opinions. Also, it should motivate the audience to participate in the discussion. Panel moderators should plan on at least 20 minutes to be spent on interaction with the audience. The panelists must have a significant amount of experience with the issue being addressed.

The panels will be structured as follows. The panel moderator will begin the discussion by introducing the issue/question with appropriate background matter. Then, the panelists will provide brief presentations on the issue, followed by an interaction between the panelists and the audience. The panel discussion will end with the panel moderator summarizing the entire discussion.

Submission of proposals

A panel proposal should consist of the following.

  • Title of the proposed panel
  • Name, affiliation and Email address of all the panelists. The panel moderator (contact author of the proposal) should be clearly indicated
  • An overall abstract of the proposed panel discussion and an abstract of each panelist's presentation

The overall abstract should not exceed 500 words in length. It should point out how the panelists will present a variety of views and approaches to the issue. The relevance of the panel in the context of COMAD 2009 and the extent of coverage of the proposed issue should be clearly mentioned in the overall abstract.

Each individual panelist's abstract should clearly indicate his/her view of the issue, and should not exceed 500 words in length.



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