Invited Industry Talk

NoSQL databases
Dr. S. Seshadri, Founder, BolTell

Cloud based realtime/online personalization
Jyoti Ahuja (Yahoo)

Abstract:  Web application based processing is traditionally used to handle high throughput traffic. Web applications are hosted on server farms. However, providing application level scalability and isolation on such server farms has been a challenge. Using cloud-serving infrastructures instead could potentially provide advantages such as scalability, centralized deployment and capacity planning. They also possess attractive qualities such as self-healing as well as ease in isolation and monitoring. Such an infrastructure works perfectly when the data  is being processed with Service Level Agreement (SLA) in hours an example being low frequency large feeds processing. Its pretty inefficient, on the other hand, for high frequency small feeds like news feeds where SLA requirements are in sub seconds. Another application that requires almost online processing system is personalization where users dont want to wait for content thats most suitable for them. Attached is an outline of online personalization using hadoop.