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26th & 27th March 2011
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Enter the arena along with some of the best brains of the country and witness the brutal confrontations of gladiators armed not with swords but their brains. This is a call for the quizzing freaks to come forward and claim what they deserve.

The structure of the event will be :

  • Preliminary Round 1 - This will be an online round. It will contain about 15 questions ranging from general science and technology questions to Computer Science related problems which have to be solved over a period of two days. 40 teams will be selected for the next round

  • Preliminary Round 2 - This will be on the spot round and will be conducted on the day of the event. The nature of questions will be similar to the online round. Top 5 teams will advance to the next level.

  • Final Round - The format of the finals will be a surprise :)

Prizes upto INR 25,000 to be won!

The online elimination round has ended. The winners will be declared soon.

For further details contact:
Ravinder Singh: +91-9930490534
Kunal Dudawat: +91-9594445860
Viraj Churi: +91-9892725337

Rules and Regulations

  1. It's a team event. Each team can consist of exactly 3 participants.
  2. Participants will have to register online before taking part.
  3. In case of ties in prelims, the team submitting the solutions earlier will be given preference.
  4. Any kind of dishonesty or misbehavior will lead to immediate disqualification.
  5. All decisions taken by the judge will be final and binding.


Team Leader
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Team Member 1
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Team Member 2
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* All the participants must be registered for Convergence.


1st Position :
  • Naman Agarwal
  • Nishant Totla
  • Ravi Bhoraskar

2nd Position :
  • Antariksh Bothale
  • Mehul Jain
  • Mayur Anna

3rd Position :
  • Paroksh Saxena
  • Yash Vardhan
  • Pradeep Kalipatnapu