Instructions to JTA's before going for your first lab-session

This week (jul 29 to Aug 5) is critical for cs101 as it will be the first lab session for both JTAs and students. So, please remember the following & try your best to make the lab a success..
  1. arrive in the lab 10 minutes BEFORE.
  2. login on 1 machine for yourself and start X, netscape.
  3. login to parvati as rlogin -l ca101tas parvati
  4. Then type cd bin at shell prompt.
  5. when students come ask them to sit at a terminal and then come to you one by one. their login name is n[ROLLNUMBER] example n00005032 (remember if Dual degree there is a capital D in the roll number --- n00D05012 -- for example) when the student comes type chpwd n[ROLL NUMBER] and ask him to enter his password (twice without mistake). then he can go to his terminal and login.
  6. after logging in ask him to do startx
  7. then from cs101 home page ask students to follow link for Lab Assignment and begin working.
  8. also ask them to start a terminal (rxvt) by using click of mouse and choosing rxvt.
  9. ask them to POWER off monitors before leaving. not machines.
  10. at 11pm all CS101 students MUST leave. Until 11pm no non-CS101 student is allowed.

Key Transfer Rules

Remember-- some machines may be slow. some mouse may not be ok. ask such students NOT TO PANIC and that they will get sufficient time this week and next week to get comofortable. Also, you must email any problems/suggestions to with a copy to so that your colleagues will face less trouble. For the first week, senior TAs will help you.