CS684: Embedded Systems

Instructor: Prof. Kavi Arya

Announcements: Lab 7 + Assignment uploaded. There will be no quiz on 3rd October, Monday.
Deadline: October 4th, 5th 2016.

Lecture Slot: 8

Lecture Venue: SIC201, KReSIT Building

Lecture Days: Monday & Thursday (2:00 PM to 3:30 PM)

Lab Days: Wednesday & Thursday (3:30 PM to 5:00 PM)

Lab Venue: SIC304, KReSIT Building

Instructor office hours: By appointment (please send an email to fix up a time)

  1. Cynthia Josephine
  2. Geethanjali T
  3. Khalid Waseem
  4. Naveen C
Lab Staff:
  1. Parin Chheda
  2. Piyush Manavar
  3. Saurav Shandilya
  4. Vishwanathan Iyer

Course Outline


Introduction: Embedded Systems Applications (Digital Camera)
Model based design:
  • Introduction and FSM
  • State Charts
  • Introduction to Esterel
  • Temporal Logic
  • eCos,Emerald,Spring,SPARC,VxWorks
  • OS paradogms
  • Extensions to RM scheduling and beyond
  • RT Communicaiton/ Interfacing and Buses
  • Real time systems implementaion issues
  • Introduction to Automatic Control using Scilab
    Introduction to Fabrication.


    Basic Peripherals:

    1. Introduction to the ARM Cortex M4F, Peripherals and Code Composer Studio
    2. Understanding Tiva Ware, Initialization, and GPIO
    3. Interrupts and the Timers
    4. PWM and Servo Motor Interfacing
    5. ADC and Interfacing Joystick

    Miscellaneous Peripherals:

    1. Interfacing graphics LCD


    1. Basics of Real-time operating systems.
    2. Pracitcal example showing the effectiveness of RTOS.

    Grading Policy:


    Theory and Assignments : 20 %
    Lab and Quizes : 20 %
    Midsem : 20 %
    Project: 40 %


    Project is optional and will not be part of the grading.
    Students getting 70% or more in assignments, quizes and midsems will be awarded an Audit grade.

    Lectures and Lab Experiments

    Week Date Topic Resources
    1 Jul 18
    Introduction to the course, grading policy, logistics -
    2 Jul 21
    Introduction: Embedded Systems Applications (Digital Camera) -
    3 Jul 27
    CCS Installation and running Test code on board Lab-0
    4 Aug 2-3
    Understanding Tiva Ware, Initialization, and GPIO Lab-1
    4 Aug 6
    Workshop on Firebird V Atmega 2560 Firebird V ATMEGA2560 DVD
    Programming AVR in Linux (LINUX)
    Script to load hex file into the Robot (LINUX)
    5 Aug 9-10
    Interrupts and the Timers Lab-2
    6 Aug 16-17
    PWM and Servo Motor Interfacing Lab-3
    7 Aug 30-31
    ADC and Interfacing Joystick Lab-4
    8 Sep 6-13
    Midsem Examinations
    9 Sep 20-21
    Interfacing graphics LCD Lab-5
    12 Sem 27-28
    Basics of Real-time operating systems.
    Installation of TI-RTOS.
    13 Oct 4-5
    Scheduling in TI-RTOS. Lab-7
    14 Oct 11-12
    Project Week -
    15 Oct 18-19
    Project Week -
    15 Oct 25-26
    Project Week -

    General Resources

    # Title Description
    1 Firebird V ATMEGA2560 DVD All the tutorials and resources for learning Firebird V Atmega 2560
    2 AVR Studio 4 fix for Windows Atmel Studio 4 Fix for Windows for fixing the "opening dependency file" error in AVR Studio 4.
    3 Game console schematic Refer this schematic to find connections for the game console.

    Lab Inventory

    # Component Quantity
    1FireBird V20
    2Spark V10
    4Bluetooth 3
    5Wi-Fi module5
    6USB camera10
    7IP camera1
    8Wiced broadcom Environmental sensor5
    9Kinect Sensor3
    10Leap motion sensor1
    11RFID sensor2
    12RFID tag10
    13TIVA C-series board50
    14MSP430 Launchpad5
    15Arduino Mega (Atmega 2560)1
    16Intel Atom with FPGA20
    17Intel Galileo Board40
    18Servo motor20
    19BO DC motor20
    20Motor driver module2
    21R-Pi gertboard2
    22GPS 2
    239-Axis IMU2
    243-Axis robotic arm2
    257-Axis robotic arm1
    26FireBird VI2
    27Beaglebone Black1
    28128x64 Graphic LCD5
    293-Axis accelerometer1
    30Xbee Module20
    31Xbee USB adaptor10
    32Arduino Wifi Shield2
    33Arduino Ethernet shield2

    Useful Links for Course Projects

    # Link Description
    1 CS308-2016 List of project done in previous semester in CS308 - 2016.
    2 CS308-2014 List of project done in previous semester in CS308 - 2014.
    3 List of all projects done in ERTS Lab. Please click the link and scroll down for list of all projects.

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