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Conference Program

day/time Auditorium Conference Room-1 Conference Room-2 Conference Room-3 Lecture Hall (Internet room)

1st Day: March 19 (Wednesday), 2008

9.00 AM-9.30 AM Inauguration session NANANA NA
9.30 AM-11.00 AM Keynote-1 (K1) NANANA NA
Coffee break
11.30 AM-1.00 PM Invited Industrial Session-1 (I1)Tutorial-1 (T1a)Research Session (XML Schema) (F1) Short papers (Queries & Transactions) (S1) NA
Lunch (1.00 PM-2.00 PM)
2.00 PM-3.30 PM NA Tutorial-1 (T1b)Research Session (Data Mining) (F2)Workshop-1 (W1a) NA
Coffee break
4.00 PM-5.30 PM NA NA Research Session (Spatial Data) (F3)Workshop-1 (W1b) Demos (D1)
Reception (6.30 PM onwards)

2nd Day: March 20 (Thursday), 2008

9.00 AM-10.30 AM Keynote-2 (K2) NANANA NA
Coffee break
11.00 AM-12.30 PM Panel (P)Tutorial-2 (T2a)Research Session (Indexes and Cubes) (F4) Short papers (XML Databases)(S2)NA
Lunch (12.30 PM-1.30 PM)
1.30 PM-3.00 PM NA Tutorial-2 (T2b)Research Session (Data Streams) (F5) Short papers (Data Mining) (S3)NA
Coffee break
3.30 PM-5.00 PM NA NA Research Session (P2P and Transactions) (F6)Short papers(Warehouses and Industrial Applications) (S4)Demos (D2)
Special talk (5.15 PM - 6.00 PM)
Banquet (6.30 PM onwards)

3rd Day: March 21 (Friday), 2008

9.00 AM-10.30 AM Keynote-3 (K3)NANANA NA
Coffee break
11.00 AM-12.30 PM Invited Industrial Session-2 (I2)Tutorial-3 (T3a)Research Session (XML Processing) (F7) Short papers (Mobile and Distributed Data) (S5)NA
Lunch (12.30 PM-1.30 PM)
1.30 PM-3.00 PM Sponsor Session-1 (N1) Tutorial-3 (T3b)Research Session (Pattern Processing) (F8)Workshop-2 (W2a) NA
Coffee break
3.30 PM-5.00 PM Sponsor Session-2 (N2) Student Soap-box session (SPB)Research Session (IR Techniques) (F9)Workshop-2 (W2b)NA


  • K1: Storage and Index Design for Community Systems
    Beng-Chin Ooi, National U. of Singapore
    Session Chair: Krithi Ramamritham, IIT Bombay

  • K2: Self-Tuning Database Systems: Past, Present and Future
    Surajit Chaudhuri, Microsoft Research, USA
    Session Chair: Jayant Haritsa, IISc Bangalore, India

  • K3: The Business of Managing Data: Implications for Research
    Anand Deshpande, Persistent Systems, India
    Session Chair: Mukesh Mohania, IBM Research, India


  • T1: Stream Processing: Going Beyond Database Management Systems
    Sharma Chakravarthy (U. of Texas at Arlington, USA)
    Session Chair: Kian-lee Tan, NUS Singapore

  • T2: The Semantic Web: Semantics for Data and Services on the Web
    Vipul Kashyap (Partners HealthCare System, USA), Christoph Bussler (BEA Systems, USA)
    Session Chair: S. Sudarshan, IIT Bombay

  • T3: Preference Query Formulation and Processing: Ranking and Skyline query approaches
    Seung-won Hwang (POSTECH, Korea), Wolf-Tilo Balke (L3S Research Center, Germany)
    Session Chair: Srinath Srinivasa, IIIT Bangalore, India

Invited Industrial Sessions


P: Is there really anything beyond Frequent Patterns, Classification and Clustering in Data Mining?

Moderator: Vikram Pudi, IIIT Hyderabad, India


Full papers

F1: XML Schemas

Session Chair: P Sreenivasa Kumar, IIT Madras, India

  1. Holistic Constraint-Preserving Transformation from Relational Schema to XML Schema
    Rui Zhou, Chengfei Liu, Jianxin Li (Swinburne U. of Technology, Australia)
  2. An Optimized Two-Step Solution for Updating XML Views
    Ling Wang, Ming Jiang, Elke Rundensteiner, Murali Mani (Worcester Polytechnic Inst., USA)
  3. Even an Ant Can Create an XSD
    Ondrej Vosta, Irena Mlynkova, Jaroslav Pokorny (Charles U., Czech Republic)

F2: Data Mining

Session Chair: Jeffrey Xu Yu, CUHK, Hong Kong

  1. A User Driven Data Mining Process Model and Learning System
    Esther Ge, Richi Nayak, Yue Xu, Yuefeng Li (Queensland U. of Technology, Australia)
  2. Efficient Mining of Recurrent Rules from a Sequence Database
    David Lo, Siau-Cheng Khoo (National U. of Singapore), Chao Liu (U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  3. Uniqueness Mining
    Rohit Paravastu, Hanuma Kumar, Vikram Pudi (IIIT Hyderabad, India)

F3: Spatial Data

Session Chair: Xiaofang Zhou, U. of Queensland, Australia

  1. Discovering Spatial Interaction Patterns
    Chang Sheng, Wynne Hsu, Mong Li Lee, Anthony Tung (National U. of Singapore)
  2. Topological Relationships Between Map Geometries
    Mark McKenney, Markus Schneider (U. of Florida, USA)
  3. MBR Models for Uncertainty Regions of Moving Objects
    Shayma Alkobaisi, Wan D. Bae, Seon Ho Kim (U. of Denver, USA), Byunggu Yu (U. of District of Columbia, USA)

F4: Indexes and Cubes

Session Chair: Kamal Karlapalem, IIIT Hyderabad, India

  1. Summarization Graph Indexing: Beyond Frequent Structure-based Approach
    Lei Zou (Huazhong U. of Science and Technology, China), Lei Chen (Hong Kong U. of Science and Technology, China), Huaming Zhang (U. of Alabama, Huntsville, USA), YanSheng Lu, Qiang Lou (Huazhong U. of Science and Technology, China)
  2. Best Paper: Bulk-Loading the ND-Tree in Non-ordered Discrete Data Spaces
    Hyun-Jeong Seok (U. of Michigan, USA), Gang Qian, Qiang Zhu, Alexander Oswald (U. of Central Oklahoma, USA), Sakti Pramanik (Michigan State U., USA)
  3. An Incremental Maintenance Scheme of Data Cubes
    Dong Jin, Tatsuo Tsuji, Takayuki Tsuchida, Ken Higuchi (U. of Fukui, Japan)

F5: Data Streams

Session Chair: Vikram Pudi, IIIT Hyderabad, India

  1. A Data Partition Based Near Optimal Scheduling Algorithm for Wireless Multi-Channel Data Broadcast
    Ping Yu, Weiwei Sun, Yongrui Qin, Zhuoyao Zhang, Bole Shi (Fudan U., China)
  2. A Test Paradigm for Detecting Changes in Transactional Data Streams
    Willie Ng, Manoranjan Dash (Nanyang Technological U., Singapore)
  3. Teddies: Trained Eddies for Reactive Stream Processing
    Kajal Claypool (Oracle Corporation, USA), Mark Claypool (Worcester Polytechnic Inst., USA)

F6: P2P and Transactions

Session Chair: N L Sarda, IIT Bombay, India

  1. Flood Little, Cache More: Effective Result-reuse in P2P IR Systems
    Christian Zimmer, Srikanta Bedathur, Gerhard Weikum (MPI for Informatics, Germany)
  2. Load Balancing for Moving Object Management in a P2P Network
    Mohammed Eunus Ali, Egemen Tanin, Rui Zhang, Lars Kulik (U. of Melbourne, Australia)
  3. Serializable Executions with Snapshot Isolation: Modifying Application Code or Mixing Isolation Levels?
    Mohammad Alomari, Michael Cahill, Alan Fekete, Uwe Roehm (U. of Sydney, Australia)

F7: XML Processing

Session Chair: Laurent S Mignet, IBM Research, India

  1. SemanticTwig: A Semantic Approach to Optimize XML Query Processing
    Zhifeng Bao, Tok Wang Ling (National U. of Singapore), Jiaheng Lu (U. of California, Irvine, USA), Bo Chen (National U. of Singapore)
  2. Approximate XML Query Answers in DHT-Based P2P Networks
    Weimin He, Leonidas Fegaras (U. of Texas, Arlington, USA)
  3. Efficient Top-k Search across Heterogeneous XML Data Sources
    Jianxin Li, Chengfei Liu (Swinburne U. of Technology, Australia), Jeffrey Xu Yu (Chinese U. of Hong Kong, China), Rui Zhou (Swinburne U. of Technology, Australia)

F8: Complex Pattern Processing

Session Chair: Naveen Kumar, Delhi U., India

  1. Example-Based Robust DB-Outlier Detection for High Dimensional Data
    Yuan Li, Hiroyuki Kitagawa (U. of Tsukuba, Japan)
  2. A Novel Fingerprint Matching Method by Excluding Elastic Distortion
    Keming Mao, Guoren Wang (Northeastern U., China)
  3. Approximate Clustering of Time Series Using Compact Model-based Descriptions
    Hans-Peter Kriegel, Peer Kroger, Alexey Pryakhin, Matthias Renz, Andrew Zherdin (Ludwig Maximilians U., Germany)

F9: IR Techniques

Session Chair: Neelima Gupta, Delhi U., India

  1. An Approach for Extracting Bilingual Terminology from Wikipedia
    Maike Erdmann, Kotaro Nakayama, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio (Osaka U., Japan)
  2. Cost-Effective Search Strategy Framework for Automatic Dictionary Construction
    Hideki Kawai, Hironori Mizuguchi, Masaaki Tsuchida (NEC Research, Japan)
  3. Learning Bayesian Network Structure from Incomplete Data without any Assumption
    Celine Fiot (U. Montpellier II, France), G. A. Putri Saptawati (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia), Anne Laurent, Maguelonne Teisseire (U. Montpellier II, France)

Short Papers

S1: Queries and Transactions

Session Chair: Theo Haerder, U. of Kaiserslautern, Germany

  1. Ranking Database Queries With User Feedback: A Neural Network Approach
    Nevedita Mallick, Ganesh Agarwal, Srinivasan Turuvekere (U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  2. Supporting Keyword Queries on Structured Databases with Limited Search Interfaces
    Nurcan Yuruk, Xiaowei Xu (U. of Arkansas, Little Rock, USA), Chen Li (U. of California, Irvine, USA), Jeffrey Xu Yu (Chinese U. of Hong Kong, China)
  3. Automated Data Discovery in Similarity Score Queries
    Fatih Altiparmak, Ali Tosun, Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu, Ahmet Sacan (Ohio State U., USA)
  4. Efficient Algorithms for Node Disjoint Subgraph Homeomorphism Determination
    Yanghua Xiao, Wentao Wu, Wei Wang, Zhenying He (Fudan U., China)
  5. The Chronon Based Model for Temporal Databases
    Anurag D, Anup Sen (IIM Calcutta, India)
  6. Main Memory Commit Processing: The Impact of Priorities
    Heine Kolltveit, Svein-Olaf Hvasshovd (NTNU, Norway)

S2: XML Databases

Session Chair: Vasudha Bhatnagar, Delhi U., India

  1. Exploiting ID References for Effective Keyword Search in XML Database
    Bo Chen (National U. of Singapore), Jiaheng Lu (U. of California, Irvine, USA), Tok Wang Ling (National U. of Singapore)
  2. Storage techniques for multi-versioned XML documents
    Laura Irina Rusu, Wenny Rahayu (LaTrobe U., Australia), David Taniar (Monash U., Australia)
  3. Twig'n Join: Progressive Query Processing of Multiple XML Streams
    Wee Hyong Tok, Stephane Bressan, Mong Li Lee (National U. of Singapore)
  4. TwigBuffer: Avoiding Useless Intermediate Solutions Completely in Twig Joins
    Jiang Li, Junhu Wang (Griffith U., Australia)
  5. An Approach for XML Similarity Join using Tree Serialization
    Lianzi Wen, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Hiroyuki Kitagawa (U. of Tsukuba, Japan)
  6. A Holistic Algorithm for Efficiently Evaluating Xtwig Joins
    Bo Ning, Guoren Wang (Northeastern U., China), Jeffrey Xu Yu (Chinese U. of Hong Kong,China)

S3: Data Mining

Session Chair: Yasuhiko Morimoto, Hiroshima U., Japan

  1. Association Rules Induced by Item and Quantity Purchased
    Animesh Adhikari (S P Chowgule College, Goa, India), P. R. Rao (Goa U., India)
  2. An Indexed Trie Approach to Incremental Mining of Closed Frequent Itemsets based on a Galois Lattice Framework
    Kalpana Balasubrahmanyan (Avinashilingam U., India), R Nadarajan, Senthil Babu (PSG College of Technology, India)
  3. Efficiently Mining Recent Frequent Patterns over Online Data Streams
    Guohui Li, Hui Chen (Huazhong U. of Science and Technlogy, China), LihChyun Shu (National Cheng Kung U., Taiwan)
  4. Index-Supported Similarity Search using Multiple Representations
    Johannes Assfalg, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Peter Kunath, Alexey Pryakhin, Michael Kats (Ludwig Maximilians U., Germany)
  5. Distance Based Feature Selection for Clustering Microarray Data
    Manoranjan Dash (Nanyang Technological U., Singapore)
  6. Knowledge Transferring Based on Implicit Link Analysis
    Xiao Ling, Wenyuan Dai, Gui-Rong Xue, Yong Yu (Shanghai Jiaotong U., China)

S4: Data Warehouses and Industrial Applications

Session Chair: P Krishna Reddy, IIIT Hyderabad, India

  1. Redundant Array of Inexpensive Nodes for DWS
    Jorge Vieira (Critical Software SA, Portugal), Marco Vieira (U. of Coimbra, Portugal), Marco Costa (Critical Software SA, Portugal), Henrique Madeira (U. of Coimbra, Portugal)
  2. Load-Balancing for WAN Data Warehouses
    Pedro Furtado (U. Coimbra, Portugal)
  3. Enabling Privacy-Preserving e-Payment Processing
    Mafruz Ashrafi, See-Kiong Ng (Inst. for Infocomm Research, Singapore)
  4. Managing and Correlating Historical Events using an Event Timeline Datatype
    Abhishek Biswas, Bhupalam Sagar (Amrita School of Engineering, India), Jagannathan Srinivasan (Oracle, USA)
  5. Online Collaborative Stock Control and Selling Among E-retailers
    Tao-Chung Lin, Toly Chen (Feng Chia U., Taiwan)
  6. AutoSeek: A Tool for Mining Automotive Warranty Claims Data for Effective Root Cause Analysis
    Ashish Sureka (Infosys, India)

S5: Mobile and Distributed Data

Session Chair: Rajeev Gupta, IBM Research, India

  1. A Similarity Search of Trajectory Data using Textual Information Retrieval Techniques
    Yu Suzuki, Jun Ishiduka, Kyoji Kawagoe (Ritsumeikan U., Japan)
  2. Constrained k-Nearest Neighbor Query Processing over Moving Object Trajectories
    Yunjun Gao, Gencai Chen (Zhejiang U., China), Qing Li (City U. of Hong Kong, China), Chun Li, Chun Chen (Zhejiang U., China)
  3. Location Update Strategies for Network-Constrained Moving Objects
    Zhiming Ding (ISCAS, Beijing, China), Xiaofang Zhou (U. of Queensland, Australia)
  4. A P2P Meta-Index for Spatio-Temporal Moving Object Databases
    Cecilia Hernandez, Andrea Rodriguez (U. of Concepcion, Chile), Mauricio Marin (Yahoo! Research, Chile)
  5. An Update Propagation Strategy Considering Access Frequency in Peer-to-Peer Networks
    Toshiki Watanabe, Akimitsu Kanzaki, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio (Osaka U., Japan)
  6. Towards Automated Analysis of Connections Network in Distributed Stream Processing System
    Marcin Gorawski, Pawel Marks (Silesian U. of Technology, Poland)


(D1 & D2)
  1. RAIN: Always On Data Warehousing
    Jorge Vieira (Critical Software SA, Portugal), Marco Vieira (U. of Coimbra, Portugal), Marco Costa (Critical Software SA, Portugal), Henrique Madeira (U. of Coimbra, Portugal)
  2. Data Compression for Incremental Data Cube Maintenance
    Tatsuo Tsuji, Dong Jin, Ken Higuchi (U. of Fukui, Japan)
  3. A Bilingual Dictionary Extracted from the Wikipedia Link Structure
    Maike Erdmann, Kotaro Nakayama, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio (Osaka U., Japan)
  4. A Search Engine for Browsing the Wikipedia Thesaurus
    Kotaro Nakayama, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio (Osaka U., Japan)
  5. An Interactive Predictive Data Mining System for Informed Decision
    Esther Ge, Richi Nayak (Queensland U. of Technology, Australia)
  6. Analysis of Time Series Using Compact Model-Based Descriptions
    Hans-Peter Kriegel, Peer Kroger, Alexey Pryakhin, Matthias Renz (Ludwig-Maximilians-U., Germany)
  7. Collecting Data Streams from a Distributed Radio-based Measurement System
    Marcin Gorawski, Pawel Marks, Michal Gorawski (Silesian U. of Technology, Poland)
  8. A Web Visualization Tool for Historical Analysis of Geo-referenced Multidimensional Data
    Sonia Fernandes Silva (Etruria Telematica, Italy)

Sponsor Sessions

Student soap-box session


Session Chair:Srinath Srinivasa, IIIT Bangalore, India

List of Accepted Talks

  1. Yogita Sinkar. Scalable Server-less Video on demand Systems
  2. Sebastian Gath. XML fulltext processing and visualization
  3. Mandar R. Mutalikdesai. Exploratory Analysis of Co-citations in Hypertext Collections
  4. Venu Gopal Reddy Mummadi. Exploring the Concepts of Social Networks for Efficient Web Resource Discovery
  5. Rage Uday Kiran. Mining Rare Associations using Interval Based Support Constraints
  6. Aditya Ramana Rachakonda. Mining Semantics from Lexical Cooccurrence Data
  7. Akshi Kumar Khalid. Web Mining Framework for Ad-hoc Retrieval and Structuralizing User-Centric Web-Data