Welcome to my page, Programmers


This is me,live and stereo

This is me

Hi guys, this is me ,live and in web.Please try to adjust the
screen-size of pc, mobile, tablet or whatever device you are
seeing this, make yourselves comfortable.I am a 2nd
year in Computer Science and Engineering Department,
IIT Bombay.I am going to tell you my life-story, more
specifically how am I carrying forward my life.

Other Interests


  • Guitar

  • Vocals

  • Harmonium


Drracket:Space Impact

It is a project done on drracket.It is a game made on Universe.rkt.The main aim of the game is to hit the aliens and destroy them.There are four levels. In the final level the boss comes.Just a simple amusing game.

Hope You Enjoyed Watching it as much I had while making it

Vertical (basic) form