Sponsored Research & Development

1. Research Grant on Optimizing Compilers by DOE

Department of Electronics, Government of India sponsored a research project entitled ``Optimizing Compilers", with a man-power effort of 20-man years and total personnel and equipment grant amounting to Rs. 7.9 lakhs in 1985. Three major issues were explored

  (i) Unified code optimisation techniques,
 (ii) Effective register allocation techniques and their influence on retargetability,
(iii) Development of a retargetability framework.

Significant research fallouts have been obtained in the areas of development of superior algorithms for register allocation and optimal instruction selection.

2. Grant from Tandem Computers (1995).

3. Research Grant from Intel (1998).

4. Research Grant from Microsoft Research (2001), (2002).

5. Research Grant from Sun Microsystems (2001), (2002).