CS 308 Embedded Systems Lab

Spring 2016


Lab 4 Released. Deadline: 17th Feb 2016.
(last updated on 10th-Feb-2016)

Slot: LX (Wed 14:00-16:55) Venue: LC001

Course Instructor: Prof. Kavi Arya

Instructor Office Hours: By appointment (please send email to fix up a time).

Vitobha M
Arpan Kumar
Anantha Raju
Cynthia Josephine
Kush Goyal
Pawan Chandorkar

TA office hours: Wed 14:00-16:30

Course Overview:
This course is for undergraduate students of Computer Science & Engineering Department at IIT Bombay. This lab course introduces the concept of developing a system which can utilize a microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M4F based TIVA C series launchpad).

Grading Policy:
Lab Assignments: 20 %
Quiz: 5%
Midsem: 15%
Project: 60%
(Subject to change as we go along the course)

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