Srajan Garg

IIT Bombay

Hey, what's your name?

Hi! I'm Srajan.

I'm a final year undergraduate at IIT Bombay. I'm pursuing a major in the Computer Science & Engineering department. I will proabably be continuing my studies in Computer Science after graduation too.
Oh cool, what specifically in CS?
I'm very interested in both the fields of Computer Graphics and Digital Geometry Processing. I like to deal with problems dealing with shape and image analysis, which also interleaves with a good amount of Applied Machine Learning. Apart from these topics I also enjoyed my Computer Networks and Operating Systems courses thoroughly. For more on my studies and projects, check out my Academics section.
Okay, lots of science thingy things. How do you generally spend your free time?
After I'm finally done with sitting at my laptop to finish my assignments and projects, I spend my time ... sitting at my laptop. Yes. But don't get me wrong, I've managed to do something engaging most of the time.

I'm a big fan of the Eric Andre Show. Some people don't get it's appeal but this video does a pretty good job of explainging what it is. I also enjoy watching comedy TV series (usually animated ones), with Rick & Morty and Silicon Valley being my favorite shows. I also follow many youtube content creators, who I feel do a very good job at being informative and/or keeping their viewers entertained. Some of these are exurb1a, Kurzgesagt, Adult Swim, TVF and School of Life.
Any specific music tastes?
I'm so glad you asked. Like any normal person, I go through phases where my music taste changes drastically.I started with mainstream rock and metal bands like Nirvana, Metallica, Iron Maiden and made a switch to electronic music. Most of it was from artists like Flume, ODESZA and Major Lazer & Jack U. I suddenly started exploring the electronic trap music genre and was hooked to DJs like RL Grime, Baauer, What So Not & Skrillex. Recently, I started listening to a lot of mainstream hip-hop and rap artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Travis Scott & Big Sean.

I wonder what I'll be listening to next. I'm always open to trying out new styles of music. Have any recommendations?
You HAVE to listen to David Guetta! and oh Taylor Swift too!
Uh ... sure.
Anways, computer guy. Do you even go outdoors?
I do, actually. When I'm tired of staring at a screen, I play badminton with my batchmates. I also go swimming frequently which I enjoy quite a lot.
You must feel really cool for putting up all this content as a conversation, right?
I've already got all my friends telling me how lame it is. Deal with it.